Race Ambassador for Cap10K

By AFM Team – November 16, 2021

The Austin community’s favorite race, the Statesmans Capitol 10K, is continuously preparing for its race in April 2022.

The AFM Team got to speak with another Cap10K race ambassador, Mark Holocomb, for the upcoming race. We got an inside look into what Holocomb does to prepare for the race and how he came across the famous Austin race.

AFM: What does the Cap10K mean to you?

MH: The Cap10K and their commitment to running, fitness and community is what started my journey into running. For me, the Cap10K represents my own passion for running.

AFM: How long have you been affiliated with the race?

MH: It all started last year during a run and thinking to myself, “What are these orange and blue mile markers doing everywhere?” After some research, I had discovered that I stumbled upon one of the many 10K training routes.

I learned that the Cap10K was hosting virtual training routes to support the community in preparing for the race. From then on, I was hooked. I started running and posting on Instagram about my training and how much I loved the routes.

Cap10K reached out to see if I wanted to help out with their new virtual Cap10K as a race day ambassador to help with on-site logistics and running one of the many virtual races.

This is now my 2nd year!

AFM: What are some roles that race ambassadors do leading up to the race ?

MH: Leading up to the 45th Cap10K you will see our race ambassadors very active within the Austin running community.

We will be running and leading the Austin Coffee House 10K Sunrise Tour Runs — these are 5K and 10K training routes which start and finish at local coffee houses.

You will see us supporting local races by running and/or volunteering.

We will be contributing to a blog on the Cap10K website — we will share information about getting to know us, our training and more!

AFM: What does it mean to be an ambassador for the Cap10k?

MH: The ambassadors for the Cap10K are made up of various members from within the Austin running community. It is humbling to be chosen to represent a race which has such a long history in Texas — especially as a somewhat new runner. I feel honored to have been chosen as a race ambassador and am looking forward to meeting so many of you in the coming months!

AFM: How excited are you to be participating in the 45th anniversary of the race?

MH: The 45th Cap10K is going to be incredible. This is the first time I am running the Cap10K, however, I am looking forward to running with our Austin running community who have been looking forward to this race for quite some time.

AFM: As a race ambassador, you are representing the Cap10k, how does that feel?

MH: Representing the Cap10K as a somewhat new runner makes me excited to take on new challenges, meet others who are interested in fitness and support our local Austin running community. I look forward to seeing you all at training meet ups and running around Austin — make sure to say “Hi!” or give me a runner’s wave!

Also — it gives me some great “cred” with my students at the Texas School for the Deaf! Go Rangers!

AFM: Are you planning on participating in the upcoming race or will you be helping out?

MH: I will be running at the upcoming race for my first in-person Cap10K, and I look forward to seeing y’all there!


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