Salt & Time Announces Wine Shop and New Beverage Director

By AFM Staff – January 11, 2021

The local favorite Salt & Time has just announced that it will expand its reach to now include a wine shop focused on natural wines! This announcement also comes with the naming of a beverage director — Erika Widmann.

Widmann will be overseeing the new Wine Shop and have an ongoing role in each of the beverage programs for all Salt & Time related locations including the 7th St restaurant, Salt & Time Café downtown, and the forthcoming wine bar concept at St Elmo Market and Butcher’s Burger locations in Austin and Houston.

“I’m so excited to join the Salt & Time family as I’ve seen what they’ve achieved in terms of a reputation for taking high quality, ethically sourced products and sharing them with the community in a way that’s humble, informed and brings awareness to what we put on our table,” says Widmann via press release.

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