Central Texas Friday Night Throwdown Week 1 – San Marcos, TX

By AFM Team – May 25, 2022

Welcome to week 1 of the Central Texas Throwdown! Every year, 11 local gyms band together to showcase their athletes skills, compete for prizes, and support local small businesses. This one event competition is a great way to meet other athletes and see how you and your gym stack up against local competitors. What better way to kick off Memorial Day weekend than with a burner wod and max lift?!?


Select your time slot here after registering:


“Big Bad Wolf”

In a 12 min window:

3 rounds for time:

– 12/9 Assault Bike Calories

– 9 Thrusters

– 12 Toes-to-Bar / Knee Raises

In remaining time: Find 1 Rep Max Ground to Overhead


All athletes will start underneath the rig. At 3-2-1- GO, athletes will run to assault bike and accumulate required calories (12 cals for men and 9 for women). ATHLETES will be responsible for setting bike monitor correctly and must have both feet on pedals with required calories showing on monitor. Bike monitors must be reset between every round so that monitor starts at 0.00 cals (best to reset immediately before you get on bike by pressing stop-stop-start). Athletes will then go to barbell to complete 9 thrusters (must be facing the front wall for reps to count). Athletes may start with a squat clean as long as hip crease is below top of knee and barbell is in front rack position at that point. Competitors must fully extend in one fluid motion and finish with a press overhead. Barbell must be behind the plane of the front of the face and elbows locked out for rep to count. YOU MAY NOT release grip on barbell above hip height or else that rep is voided and must be redone. Finally, athletes will progress to the rig to complete 12 Toes to Bar (RX) or Knee Raises (Scaled). For the toes to bar, athletes must start with feet behind the plane of the bar and with feet off the ground. Both feet must touch the rig at the same BETWEEN your hands. For knee raises, athletes must start the same as RX athletes but the rep is finished when knees are above hip crease in front of the rig. If cycling knee raises, athletes must fully extend legs at the bottom of the rep behind the rig. Once all 3 rounds are complete, judges will write wod time for first score.

RX Division

Thrusters (95/65) lbs

Scaled Division

Thrusters (75/55) lbs

In the remaining time, athletes will have up to the 12-minute mark to record their highest successful ground to overhead lift. Each athlete will have a set of plates to the side, with the smallest denomination being 2.5 lbs. Athletes must load their own bars and MUST use clips for the rep to count AND state weight before lifting. Athletes may move the bar from the ground to overhead position in any way desirable as long as no external help is given and the bar finishes overhead with barbell behind plane of athletes face and elbows, hips, knees are fully locked out and athletes feet are directly under hips with barbell stabilized and controlled. Do NOT drop/slam barbell down until you are SURE this standard has been met. You may ask for your judge to verify a good rep once standards have been met. Rep must be fully complete before the 12 minute clock expires for rep to count. Judges will record the heaviest, successful weight lifted as your second score.


Each athlete will receive a placement score for each part of their workout compared to the rest of the athletes in their division. Lowest total score wins. Ie, Athlete 1 placed 6th overall on wod and 2nd on lift and Athlete 2 placed 1st overall on wod and 7th on lift. Both athletes will receive a score of 8 total points (6+2 and 1+7). In the case of a tie, athlete with the best score on the wod portion wins the tiebreak… in the above case that would be Athlete 2.


Prizes will be awarded to athletes placing in the top 3 scores for each division (Male or Female Rx or Scaled).

Feel free to email battlewolfcf@gmail.com for any questions prior to the competition. We will release a video explaining standards the week of competition.

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