Cap10K Kristi Luna

By AFM Team – March 30, 2022

Claudia Garcia is one of the race ambassadors for the upcoming 45th anniversary of the race who is excited to share her role and her excitement for the race in April!


AFM:What does the Cap10k mean to you?

KL: The Cap10k means family, friends, runners, walkers, wheelchairs, everyone coming together to  participate in an Austin tradition fun run. (Although my family and I can get a little competitive  with one another.) 

AFM: How long have you been affiliated with the race?

KL: Being an Austinite, my family has been a part of the Cap10k since the very beginning, with my  father and uncles participating in the very first Cap10k, when part of the route was in Zilker Park. I have participated in about 10 out of 45 races in the past and look forward to this year’s 45th

AFM: How did you become a race ambassador? Is it something that anyone can apply for?

KL: I became a race ambassador as I volunteered to help with the virtual Cap10k in 2021. It was  that year that the pandemic was still high in numbers and the Cap10k had set up multiple routes  all over Austin for participants to still get their Cap10k experience. It was then when Chris  shared with us his ideas about inviting those who cheered on the participants at this event to  become race ambassadors for the Cap10k 2022. Since each ambassador has different race  experiences and is all on various levels, we can share our stories and daily routines with other  runners who can relate. 


AFM: What are some roles that race ambassadors do leading up to the race?

KL: There are social coffee runs every month that the Cap10k hosts to help train for the BIG DAY. After  those group run/walks we come together, ambassadors and those training, to have coffee and chat  about running. We have also answered monthly questions along the way to offer different perspectives  on diets, running strategies, music preferences, anything to help those who may have never run or  runners who just want to mix it up a bit.

AFM: As a race ambassador, you are representing the Cap10k, how does that feel?

KL: Absolutely amazing as I know the history of this race. Also, I know that there are runners that I  can relate to as I run to stay healthy and not competitive, well competitive with myself. 

AFM: Are you planning on participating in the upcoming race or will you be helping out?

KL: We plan to do both. As a participant for many years, I love giving back to the Cap10k that  always puts on a great running event for this city.


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