Simple At Home Boxing Workouts to Get You Back in Shape

By Reno Yudadibroto – June 9, 2021

While the pandemic has given us all a reality check, it has put a strain on the overall workout and practice routine of fighters and boxers. We know that many focus on boxing as a hobby, whereas others take it seriously as a profession. For professional boxers, this is especially important as the competition in the boxing industry is incredibly tough and, to compete with everyone, you need to be at the best of your game. With more time at home, it can be difficult to continue your training, so here are a few steps to keep you on your game, while practicing at home:

Meditation and Stretching

If you want to continue your fitness at home, motivation is very important, which is the reason you might want to start with a brief mediation period. This will help you stay focused and plan the strategy you will be implementing in the next few minutes. Next, begin your warm up with dynamic stretching. 

Punching Drill (time: 15 minutes)

Tip: take three combination practices for a day and do it on alternative days. Use a punching bag (if you have one) or otherwise, you can shadowbox.

This punching drill needs to be extensive, because within boxing, you will not only be practicing the techniques, but also the combinations. While practicing, start with a single jab and cross, then add the hook and eventually add the cross as well. Now that you have practiced your singles, you’re ready for the combination.

  • Start with the jab-cross and keep going for two minutes, now add a hook and continue the session with a jab-cross hook. 
  • After this, you can go for the jab-jab-cross session which will be followed by the jab-hook-cross. Eventually, move to cross-hook-cross and hook-cross-hook. 
  • As you will continue doing each combination for straight two minutes you also need to go for a full run where you need to practice all combinations together. 
  • The last four minutes of the session can be spent on jab-cross-hook-cross and jab-cross-jab-cross-hook-hook because this is a lengthy combination and might take a lot of effort to practice. Try starting with three combinations each day if you are doing this just for the hobby, however, for the professional, we suggest a full workout.

Footwork Drill (time: 10 minutes)

Tip: choose a pathway for this, if you don’t have cones, just mark the placements with household items or clear up your living room for this quick, practice session.

Footwork is very important because this is the only way you can stay balanced. Most fighters get confused and knocked out easily because they can’t maintain their balance.

  • For this workout, you need small cones that you can build a pathway with. Now, start from the left side and touch the cone that you have placed on the left, and move to the right. This workout routine is quite simple, and don’t worry, you will soon start to sweat.
  • One thing that you need to keep in mind while moving is to stay within the two cones, and try not to overstep on each side, or move too slowly. This is a game of balance and most professional boxers use this style for footwork practice.

Speed Boxing (time: 10-15 minutes)

Tip: invest in equipment! However, if you do not have a speed boxing bag, you can make one with the help of a double-balloon filled with sand or flour. This might not be as effective, but it can work temporarily. While the time may sound like a lot, you’ll be burning some major calories and building some major muscle!

Rope Skipping (time: 10 minutes)

Rope skipping is a great form of cardio and complements the sport by focusing on footwork, body coordination and speed. All you need is just a skipping rope and a timer!


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