Fit Finds: Festival Essentials

By AFM Staff – September 1, 2015
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

1. Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack 

$130 • 

This backpack is always secure, in all ways. With lockable zippers and an RFID blocker pocket, your belongings and bank account stay safe from any backpack hackers.


2. Nite Ize Flashflight Frisbee 

$25 • 

If you want to stay active while you wait for the headliner to play, toss around the Flashflight. The LED lights change color, so you don’t have to stop when the sun sets.


3. Flexlite Chair

$73 • 

Foldable, easy-to-pack chairs are only festival-friendly if they’re lightwteight. The Flexlite chair is convenient to carry to and from the festival, and its low height means you won’t have to worry about blocking anyone’s view.


4. Straw Panama Hat

$52 • 

With a hat this trendy, you can show up feeling confident about your style and sun protection. 


5.Lifefactory 16 oz. Water Bottle 

$23 • 

Staying hydrated is crucial, and in a city that prides itself on sustainability, your best bet is with a BPA-free glass water bottle protected by a silicone sleeve. BYOBottle and hit the Filling Station for free filtered water throughout the day.


6. Jawbone UP Move Activity Tracker 

 $50 •

When you’re zipping around Zilker Park from morning till night, you’re bound to burn a bunch of calories. This splash-resistant, wireless Bluetooth device is the easiest way to track your steps and count overall calories burned.


7. MyCharge Portable Charger

$40 • 

Document experience at ACL Festival by taking photos and videos on your phone, but make sure you have enough battery to do so. A portable phone charger will keep you on the grid during this festive occasion.  


8. BlackdiamonD Headlamp

$50 •

ACL Festival shows don’t wrap up until 10 p.m., so you’ll want a little extra help navigating your exit in the dark. Also, this handy headlight will be a lifesaver at night if you happen to drop anything of value.


9. Sunglasses

$18 •  

Find the perfect frames for the festival; whether you’re looking for something functional or fashionable, these sunglasses are guaranteed to guard you from the glare. 


10. Sunscreen


Austin-based Thinksport is safe to lather on for sun protection. This sunscreen is non-oily and free of biologically harmful chemicals.

$15 •

It’s hard to run from the sun during ACL Festival. Sun Bum allows you to soak up some rays without worry of sunburn with its paraben-free, hypoallergenic formula.




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