Ambassador’s Corner: REGYMEN Fitness Recap

By Jason Bourgeois – October 1, 2021

Good day, AFM! We are back again, highlighting Austin’s mecca for fitness enthusiasts. This month’s tour brought us to REGYMEN Fitness, a studio that is sure to disrupt any boredom in your training routine by offering a variety of classes and premier equipment to test your mettle. Below we’ll share all the reasons why it’s time to get in where you fit in at REGYMEN.

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The Workout: My 45-minute REGYMEN Experience

Imagine walking into a Hollywood production studio perfectly outfitted with premium sound, professional lighting and just the right amount of workout equipment — just enough to warrant “oohs and ahhs.” Shout out to REGYMEN because the workout room is fancy, but don’t be fooled by the bells and whistles, there’s a method behind the madness that ensures a gritty experience. Also, know that your coach and classmates at REGYMEN are in your corner the whole way through — they want to see you fly!

The Rundown

I arrived at the REGYMEN Fitness Arbor Walk location for the noon workout. I was warmly greeted and completed my participant waiver. Then, I was given a quick tour of the bathrooms, showers, cubbies and, of course, the studio. As mentioned earlier, the facility is impressive, well-curated and the perfect shell to disguise the hardest workout in town. Pro tip from the coaches:

“Great things come from new doors opening. Come in without expectations and let the coaches guide you. You will feel like you’ve found your new family! The members, staff, and coaches truly want to see you succeed. Find your rhythm and listen to your body. Eventually, the flow will come naturally to you and you can start to push those limits.”

Also, the noon class is star studded with coaches, athletes and 9 to 5 hustlers who all have the need for an efficient workout, and coach Aaron is all about precision. I received my heart rate monitor — an elastic band that rested over my forearm during the workout — and then our attention was directed to the video screens that displayed the workout for our BUILD class. Our session was continuous and divided into two circuits. During the first part of class I was given 15 minutes to work my way through exercises for Circuit A. The next 15 minutes I worked my way through Circuit B, and the remainder of the training session we all worked through the finisher set.

What I liked: Coach Aaron had the flow of the class on point. Each circuit combined cardio with weight-training and was scaled appropriately for the time allotted. The layout of the room is another contributor to the flow. The spacing and intentional placement of each station offers ease of moving around and built-in efficiencies.

Also, I appreciated the workout that allows you the ability to work through your circuit at your pace and fitness level. Surprisingly, the accountability of the leaderboard and real-time feedback of your effort worked well as a bit of external motivation to give a little extra, or as coach Aaron would say, “Make it look fun!” The class camaraderie was a huge plus in my experience, especially so during the finisher.

What I found most challenging: The ski erg. I chose to start at that station because I knew I would not want to be there for the second half of the session, and even coming into it fresh, it was most challenging for me. The TRX muscle-ups were a real treat, and I appreciated the inverted row modification. Next time I’ll work the technique out on those muscle-ups!

Final Points

  1. Variety. REGYMEN is all about ending workout boredom. Providing a space for you to look forward to your workouts and finally disrupt your routine. You’ll never see the same workout twice, and the variety of equipment/classes is what keeps our bodies and minds from plateauing. Class formats range from BURN, BOX or BUILD, and even YOGA is offered at the Round Rock location.
  2. Coaches. All of the REGYMEN coaches are nationally accredited. Most were college athletes, coaches, or personal trainers before finding REGYMEN, so they definitely have the experience and knowledge that is hard to find.

Pro tip: They can accommodate any scheduling or pricing limitation. Not to mention, with three different locations, the offerings are abundant! 


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