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Ambassador’s Corner: Forge Strength
March 1, 2022
Welcome back AFM! We are spotlighting another local outfit to share with all of you in our quest to showcase Austin’s mecca of fitness and the many outlets for you to get your sweat...
Ambassador’s Corner: Dane’s Body Shop Recap
November 1, 2021
Greetings AFM! We are putting the spotlight on another local gem to share in our quest to capture the many offerings Austin holds for you to get your sweat on. This month’s tour brought...
Ambassador’s Corner: REGYMEN Fitness Recap
October 1, 2021
Good day, AFM! We are back again, highlighting Austin’s mecca for fitness enthusiasts. This month’s tour brought us to REGYMEN Fitness, a studio that is sure to disrupt any boredom in your training routine...
Ambassador’s Corner: Castle Hill Fitness
September 1, 2021
This Ambassador corner reviews a recovery session that you are overdue for and need in your life. It is important whether you’re settling into a back-to-school routine with the family, absorbing the everyday stressors...
Ambassador’s Corner: Ro Fitness + Shape Method Pilates Recap
August 1, 2021
This Ambassador’s Corner recaps a training experience you don’t want to miss — especially if you’re seeking a workout that is sure to kick your power and endurance gains into hyperdrive. This blaster of...
Ambassador’s Corner: Fit & Fearless + WellSport Recap
March 1, 2021
Hello AFM! We are back to showcase more within Austin’s mecca of fitness and recovery options by highlighting a couple of local businesses that are going above and beyond to safely bring to you...
Ambassador’s Corner: VBodies + Restore Recap
February 1, 2021
Hello AFM, and welcome back to the Ambassador’s Corner.   We are coming to you with another review highlighting a couple of Austin’s best and brightest health and wellness professionals and continuing our aim to...
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