Fit Finds: October 2018

By AFM Team – October 1, 2018


ROXY Jetty Block Snow Jacket $180

Available at 
It’s highly unlikely we’ll see snow worthy of this coat in Austin, but for Texans who will hit the slopes this coming winter elsewhere, the ROXY Jetty Block Snow Jacket is both stylish and functional. It is insulated while remaining lightweight, waterproof and equipped with stretch wrist gaiters for warmth, plenty of internal pockets for storage, a removable hood and mesh underarm vents for the warmer spring days on the slopes.

SOUL Electronics PRIME Wireless Earphones $60

Available at
Small and lightweight, the SOUL Electronics PRiME  Wireless Earphones make listening to music while working out simpler. Connected by a string that easily drapes around your neck, the earphones are Bluetooth-compatible, last up to six hours and also are magnetic at the top to clip around your neck when taking a break from the music. They are also sweatproof and come in three different sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your ear. 

Munk Pack Protein Cookies $15 (six cookies)

Available at
Munk Pack Protein Cookies are great for an on-the-go snack or satisfying your sweet tooth without wrecking all your progress in the gym. The cookies are made with 18 grams of plant-based protein and are also vegan, non-GMO and gluten free; they also contain six grams of fiber. Available at Whole Foods, as well as Target and

Swannies Day Blue Light Blocking Glasses $69

Available at
The Swannies blue light blocking glasses are designed for those of us who stare into screens for the majority of the day. The lenses are made specifically to block out the blue light that can be harmful to our health. The glasses can help protect eyes, prevent eye strain, reduce headaches and regulate your circadian rhythm. 

Oofos $60

Available at
Made of special foam that absorbs 37 
percent more shock in each step, Oofos sport sandals are designed for athletic recovery. The shoes also help support your ankles, knees, hips and lower back and are biomechanically designed to flex with both your foot and the ground. Available for both men and women. 

SPIbelt $20

Available at
SPIbelt is an expandable and convenient storage pocket for all activities. It fits anything from phones to medical devices, such as an EpiPen or insulin pump. It is soft and elastic and easy to wear around the waist, and is bounce-free. For October, every purchase of the Pink Ribbon SPIbelt gives $1 to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Austin. 




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