Vote Early for Proposition 1

By Kelsey – October 6, 2010

With early voting wrapping up this Friday, October 29, it seems fitting to post a reminder to both vote early, and to scroll all the way down to the end of the ballot to vote on Proposition 1.

Prop 1– Get Austin Moving

Proposition 1, which has been endorsed by The Statesman, The Chronicle and The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, would authorize the issuing of $90 million in bonds to renovate roads, sidewalks, expand bike lanes and extend the Hike and Bike trail east to Lakeshore Park– all without raising taxes. The city is taking advantage of the record lows in construction (rates about 30% lower) that came with the recession. These are certainly attractive promises for Austin’s fitness community.

Citizens outside of the fitness community should appreciate the proposition as well. The city estimates that the projects will provide the city of Austin with about 200 jobs during the two or three years it will take to implement the changes. Any amount of job creation looks pretty good right now.

The Real Estate Council of Austin, who opposes the project, has a few specific complaints about the proposal. They claim that the projects do not do enough to quell Austin’s road congestion. Perhaps more could be done, but making it easier for Austinites to commute by biking or walking is undoubtedly a big step forward in attacking our traffic problems.

Want more bike lanes? Want easier travel on the hike and bike trail? Want a lot of benefits without a raise in taxes? Vote for Proposition 1 early (on or before Friday) or on November 2.

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