Scarf Tying 101

By MichelleSuggs – November 5, 2013

Preparing for everyday fall fashion isn’t too difficult, especially when you have the right accessories. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, tying a scarf around your neck is one of the most popular casual trends of the season. Scarves are the perfect way to complement an outfit with texture and color. Try pairing a scarf with a T-shirt and flats or a blazer and boots. Here are a few easy and stylish ways to tie your scarf, designed to give your accessory some edge.

scarf1The Knot

1. Drape scarf evenly around neck.

2. Midway down one side of the scarf, tie a loose knot.

3. Take the end of the other side and slide it through the knot. Adjust knot to your liking.

scarf2The Weave

1. Drape scarf around the neck, with the ends hanging down your back.

2. Pull ends forward, alternating sides.

3. Take one end, and slide through main loop.

4. Take the other end and slide it through the loop you just created.

scarf3The Muffler

1. Fold a square scarf in half to create a triangle.

2. Wrap the two ends of the triangle around your neck, with the point at the center of your body.

3. Tie ends loosely behind neck.

4. Bring ends to the front and fluff underneath the front part for extra volume.

scarf4The Double Twist

1. Drape scarf evenly around neck.

2. Twist the ends together twice.

3. Pull the ends to the back of your neck.

4. Tie a loose knot to complete.


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