Collaborating on a Hopeful Vision for Baylor Street

By Leah Fisher Nyfeler – November 17, 2012

Do you recognize the location of November’s “Muscle Movement of the Month” photo shoot? That’s the Art Wall, located near 11th and Baylor (it’s official name is the Local to Global Outdoor Gallery Project but it’s more commonly referred to as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery). The walls of an abandoned condo project are home to local street art from a variety of creators, some completely unknown and others, such as Shepard Fairey, quite famous. HOPE, a local nonprofit whose acronym stands for “Helping Other People Everywhere,” has worked with the site’s owners, Dick Clark Architecture and Castle Hill Partners, to haul off trash and clean the place up. HOPE’s aim is “to develop local to global messages that enable our artists and musicians the ability to encourage others to participate and learn about important issues, groups, and events focused on education.” One of their projects that many Austinites are familiar with is the HOPE Farmers’ Market on East 5th Street. On the October Wednesday evening that Austin Fit Magazine filmed Diane Vives’ inspiring workout, tourists clambered up and down the weedy levels to view the Baylor Street artwork.


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