Budgeting for a Vegan diet

By Kelsey – November 10, 2010

Last month, Learn Vest posted a chart that compared the day-to-day expenses of a vegetarian, vegan and meat eater.

By creating a hypothetical one-day menu for each diet, Learn Vest concluded that vegans have the cheapest diets. Their menu consisted of fruits, hummus and tofu and totaled in at $11.15. Meat eaters and pescatarians came in at the top, eating bacon, turkey chicken for a daily total of $14.65.

Of course, this is just a sample menu from each diet, and there is almost always a way to make your diet cheaper. But with a common criticism against veganism being that it is impractical or costs more, the numbers certainly provide an interesting argument for a meatless diet.

This chart is especially relevant to Austinites, who are surrounded by opportunities to buy fresh, local produce. Take advantage of the countless farmers markets around Austin and do your own experiment to see which lifestyle you find cheapest!



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