Should You Work Out in Your Swimsuit?

When it comes to working out, gym shorts and sports bras may not be the only exercise attire this summer.

By Isabel Meijering, DACM, L.Ac – May 1, 2023

Every summer, you see people who enjoy working out in their swimsuits and those who prefer to be more covered up. This begs the question — is working out in your swimsuit good or bad for your mental health? I think the answer to this is simple: it all depends on your mindset.

No matter your shape, size or what you look like, if you choose to look at yourself in the mirror mostly nude, own it! If you want to work out in your swimmie, let the self-talk be positive. Let’s look at a few aspects of working out in your swimsuit.

Swimmies should always be about empowerment, not negative talk. I invite you to make a practice out of telling yourself how brave you are for being in a swimsuit and how amazing you look. Tell each part of your body what you love about it, not how you would improve it. We need to acknowledge and honor where we are, even physically. This practice will skyrocket your confidence over time and that is, after all, the best thing you can take to the beach and wear with your swimmie.

Comparison is the best way to destroy a vibe. If you find yourself in a swimsuit, under no circumstances should you feel less than because of what someone else looks like. Remember, how you feel is completely up to you. You must consent to feel some type of way, so why not make it positive? Why not thank your body for all of the wonderful things it does for you and be excited about your workout? One of the perks of working out in your swimsuit is you can really focus on and see each muscle in your body as you do the exercises. Allow the science-y part of your brain to nerd out on what you can see while you move mostly nude.

If working out in your swimmie is too much for you right now, that’s also OK; honor that as well. Honor standing up for yourself and noticing that you feel more confident working out in other clothing. Again, whatever you choose, let the voice in your head be created from love and not judgment. You’re beautiful and allowed to wear (or not wear) whatever helps you feel the most confidence.

I also challenge you to ask yourself why you feel a certain way about working out in your swimsuit. Is it what you really think or have you adopted society’s view on this? Do you think it’s inappropriate that someone is wearing it, or is this something you have always wanted to do but have not? Think about it. See if you’re holding any judgment for what others choose to do or not do, and know that you’re also extending that to yourself.

So, this summer, maybe give working out in your swimmie a try! See how you feel. Let the self-talk be positive, and focus on building your confidence and honoring your body exactly how it is. You are beautiful. Enjoy watching your muscles work hard, and focus on how you will feel after your workout — hopefully, strong and refreshed. Don’t let comparisons or other people’s opinions affect how you view yourself and your body. Life is far too short for that and you’re worth way more.

Happy summer swimmie workouts everyone! Or not. Whatever feels the most empowering for you.

About the Author

Isabel Meijering, DACM, L.Ac is an acupuncturist in Austin and owner of Admiring You Wellness. She has her doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine and specializes in cupping therapy, pain management, psycho-emotional support, menstruation support and allergies. She also has a B.S. in biomedical sciences with a minor in psychology and has a deep love for both Eastern and Western medicine.


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