Ring Roundup

By Emma Whalen – April 30, 2017

If you’ve ever found a ring to be cumbersome during a workout because it’s cutting off your circulation, getting caught on equipment, or simply causing you to worry that it’s getting scratched, then you might consider trying a silicone ring. Popular among athletes and people that perform manual labor, silicone rings are an increasingly appealing option for couples on the move. We compared a variety of nontraditional rings geared toward an active lifestyle to give you the rundown on these alternatives. 

Most Breathable

Groove Rings 
Groove Rings have a bit less variety than other silicone ring brands but their features stack up to the competition. Good for active people, the grooves on the inside of these rings lessen the contact between ring and skin, allowing airflow in and moisture out. All Groove rings are $30 and come in original (8mm) and thin (5.5 mm) widths.

Best Value

California-based company, QALO, has been making silicone rings since 2012. They now come in a variety of colors and styles, including thin, stackable rings. Some have etched designs and even zig-zag or twisted shapes, providing a unique feel and customizable look. They range from $12 to $25 and are also sold in bundles. Sold at Academy, REI and Fringe Sport, these are perhaps the most accessible ring to Austinites as well. 

Most Durable

Rogue Rings 
The only non-silicone ring in this roundup, these etched, steel rings are designed to outlast tough workouts and weightlifting sessions without getting scratched or damaged. Also unique to Rogue Rings is the sleek design of their storage box which comes in a couple different colors and designs. The Rogue company makes barbells and workout equipment, so these rings are customized to an active lifestyle and accurately reflect the design of a barbell.

Best Safety Features

SafeRingz are marketed toward the working set. As the name implies, safety is the number one priority for SafeRingz, so the products undergo extensive testing to ensure this. They’re strong, but also break away under enough tension to prevent finger injuries. They are heat resistant and 100 percent non-conductive, in addition to being UV resistant, non-carcinogenic, hypo-allergenic and chemically inert. At $16 per ring, they come in mostly metallic colors with a simple, no-fuss design.

Most Versatile

Enso Rings
Enso Rings is another company that offers a lot of variety in its silicone rings. They have thin, stackable rings, rose gold and metallic colored rings, etched rings, and several width options.  Enso rings are also designed to break under tension to prevent finger injuries. From $12 for thin, stackable rings to $40 for the thickest rings, Enso provides a range of pricing options as well. 



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