New to Austin: May 2015

By AFM Staff – May 1, 2015
Photo by Andrew Chan

Spun Ice Cream  

1912 E. Seventh St., Suite C;

Frozen yogurt may be your favorite go-to treat, but a new ice cream shop is about to up your status quo, fro-yo game. Sisters Ashley Cheng and Christina Cheng are introducing Austinites to a new way to eat your ice cream. Their creative idea involves making ice cream from scratch using liquid nitrogen at negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit. In under a minute, this technique creates a frozen treat that is creamier than regular ice cream. The flavors (still to be determined) will be simple, intentionally done to allow the toppings to impress your taste buds. Although it may not be the first of its kind (other liquid nitrogen ice cream shops are popping up in cities across the U.S.), Spun Ice Cream sets itself apart from other fro-yo shops with their use of local and organic ingredients. The shop is set to open by early summer.  


Under Armour, Inc.

800 Cesar Chavez;  

After 11 years of renovation and transformation, the Seaholm development is finally beginning to see companies settle into their new office spaces. Under Armour Inc., one of the world’s largest athletic apparel companies, was the most recent tenant to move into the development. The Baltimore-based company moved their technical division, Connected Fitness, into their 35,000 square-foot Austin office space in March. According to the Austin Business Journal, the company plans to hire 100 technical workers in 2015. Sweet perks of the fitness-focused company’s new digs include treadmill desks and a meeting room equipped with spin bikes.   



CrossFit Hutto 

204 Investment Loop; 

At CrossFit Hutto, the focus is on teaching students how to properly execute all fundamental CrossFit workouts; instructing them in proper form and technique to prevent injury. At this gym, there are no fitness machines and no ordinary workouts. Although you don’t need CrossFit experience to become a member, the gym requires beginners to complete three steps before they pay for a membership. The first step: get a taste of what a CrossFit workout is like. The second step: complete an Elements course. (Before you can become a paying member, a CrossFit Elements program is required.) The third step: get invited to join group classes. Although it may sound and appear intimidating at first, the challenge and effort of trying something new is well worth the reward. 


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