Healthy Helpings: March 2017

By AFM Staff – March 1, 2017

Being tall and lean may not just be an advantage on the sports field and the dating scene: it might also increase your chances of entering the stock market. Researchers from Cornell University and Miami University analyzed the financial decisions of Americans and Europeans and found that taller and thinner individuals are more likely to take investment risks and expand their financial portfolios. The study explains that being taller growing up leads to more participation in sports and other activities, fostering an essential tool for conquering the stock market: self-esteem. No need to worry if you can't reach the top shelf, though—the other element involved in Wall Street success is weight. So, there is yet another reason to drop those few extra pounds you’ve been carrying—your bank account will thank you.


If Dory from “Finding Nemo” is your spirit animal, scientists have news for you—your eating habits might be to blame. Studies from universities and research centers across the globe say a diet rich in fat and sugar can corrode your memory. As a result, this can lead to a harmful cycle of overeating and even premature aging of the brain, according to one study conducted by the Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience. Considering how overeating affects many parts of your body, many experts say it's no surprise it takes toll on the brain, too. A couple easy tips to keep in mind if you’ve got an important meeting or anniversary coming up: eat healthier foods, and turn off the TV during meals to make each one more memorable. That way, your brain won’t think it’s hungry as soon, and you might be less likely to forget where in the world you put your keys this time.


Unanswered questions still shroud the benefits of fish oil in mystery, but researchers have discovered another potential benefit of the supplement: reducing the risk of asthma. A new Danish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine followed 700 women from their third trimester of pregnancy until their children were five years old. They saw about a 30 percent decrease in cases of asthma or wheezing in the kids whose mothers took fish oil while pregnant. The scientists credit the lipids found in fish oil, saying they combat the airway inflammation that causes asthma. Don’t get too excited, though—this is far from a miracle cure! The head of the study recommends women get a blood test to gauge the levels of the lipids in their body before deciding if fish oil is right for them. The lower the levels, the more benefit they will see by taking the supplements.


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