FML Workout: Jump into Spring

By Lara Rinier, NASM-CPT – March 1, 2017
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

Note: These exercises are not meant to be done back-to-back, but are simply suggestions for those wanting to add plyo into their strength routine.

Burpee Pull-Ups

Set-up: Stand under a pull up bar with legs shoulder width apart.


1. Perform a full burpee, then immediately jump up to grasp tightly onto the pull-up bar. Perform a pull-up where chin is just over the bar. 
2. After one pull-up, drop down with arms extended. Once feet hit the floor, perform another burpee; repeat. When performing the burpee, allow your hands to absorb the shock. 
3. Press back up to standing, moving chest and hips simultaneously in order to avoid low back pain.  

Max reps in 60 seconds.


Plyo Single Leg Hip Thrust

Set-up: Lie on upper back, resting on a bench with feet flat on the floor. Position arms directly out to side on bench or rest on rib cage. Walk legs out into a 90-degree angle, ankles under knees, hips fully extended. Keep neck in a neutral position.


1. Lift one leg while keeping a knee bend, dip hips, and explosively lift hips up while contracting the glute; keep core tight and hips fully extended. Allow for as much air time as possible. 
2. Land quietly with control and minimal ground-contact time; repeat. Alternate legs after reps are completed. 

8–10 explosive reps per side.

Plyo Bear Crawl to Push-Up

Set-up: Assume quadruped position with knees directly under hips and hands under shoulders. Lift knees up off of the floor. Keep core engaged (naval pressed into spine, flat back). This is the bear crawl position.


1. Begin the eccentric motion in arms by loading your arms, back and chest; then, hop hands out into a push-up position. 
2. Perform one push-up and then hop back into the bear crawl position. Knees will remain off the ground. 

Repeat 8–10 times or include in a 60-second timed interval training. 


Single Leg Squat Jumps

Set-up: Stand on right leg and descend into squat position. Keep right knee in line with toes. Engage core, with both arms at sides.


1. Ascend into a jump, rolling off toes and landing on ball of foot. 
2. Land quietly with control, reaching fingertips towards the ground in a squat position. Keep chest up and straight spine. 
3. Repeat. These will be quick and explosive jumps. Switch legs after reps are completed. 

30 seconds each leg or 5–10 reps each leg.


Full Fighter Get-Ups

Set-up: Assume a forearm plank position: elbows under shoulders, arms parallel to the body, and shoulder-width distance. Ground the toes into the floor, keep the core engaged, and contract the glutes.


1. Drop hips, pop up to hands then knuckles, then back to hands.
2. Step arms back down one at a time into beginning forearm position. 

Max reps to failure or 20–30 seconds of work. Repeat.

Rolling Squat Burpee

Set-up: Sitting on the floor—with your knees tucked into chest—begin to roll onto your upper back.


1. Explosively roll onto your upper back, with knees tucked, feet close to buttocks. Build momentum to pop up on feet into a low squat. 
2. From there, bring hands down to push-up position, kick legs back, and perform a push-up. 
3. Jump back up onto feet and then back into the roll up. 

Keep this continuous momentum up for 30–60 seconds.

Wall Mountain Climbers 

Set up: Stand arm's length distance facing away from the wall. Feet are shoulder width apart. Place hands on floor with shoulders stacked over wrists. Bring feet to the wall; walk legs up to full extension. Arms are extended, head in line with spine, and core is engaged.


1. Bring one knee to opposite elbow, return to starting position, and repeat on other side. 

This is a quick movement, alternating legs for 30–60 seconds or 16 total reps. For more intensity, move arms closer to wall.


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