Best Free Workout Videos on Amazon Prime

By Monica Hand – June 5, 2020

Gyms in Texas may be reopening, but many of us may still be staying home. If you’ve exhausted your ideas of home workouts, for you who are Amazon Prime members, you are in luck — there are plenty of workout videos available to you through your membership. Take advantage of the videos and see which workouts are best for you and your routine. Here are a few videos that we recommend.

45-minute Pilates Workout

This no equipment mat Pilates workout is structured and paced the same as many in-person mat classes. After a brief breathing practice, the video takes you through moves that bring the burn. Each move targets your core and focuses on toning the whole body with a core warm up and an intense leg, glute and hip series to follow. Monica Schuller, a well-known yoga and Pilates instructor, narrates the workout and talks you through each move and your breath as you follow along the fitness model in the video. A great addition to your workout routine. 

7 Day Barre Challenge

 With high energy and personality, Lindsay Bushman takes you through some challenging barre techniques while keeping you up to speed on form and posture. The video series is made up of seven videos, each with a different focus or style. From a 15-minute ab to a 30-minute Barre HIIT workout, each video keeps your body trying new moves and muscle groups. As a plus, the series is set on a rocky beach which only adds to the energy as the videos tone you up and get you feeling the burn. Get ready to move and pulse it out!

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Fat Burning Cardio Kickboxing Workout

Kick boxing is always a great workout — its fast paced, diverse in movements, and keeps muscles engaged through the whole set. This video will get your heart pumping with moves that can be done by a beginner or a seasoned kick boxer as each one has modifications to change the challenge level. Nicole Steen is a great instructor that keeps the mood fun without being overbearing. All of the moves are easy to follow along with, but they change up enough to keep your body guessing and never falling into the momentum of things. 

Strength Training with Resistance Band for All Levels

This series is great for any level or experience with using resistance bands. Each of the three 30-minute videos is done by a different trainer — Christine Khuri, Christie Cash or Phong Tran —which keeps you fresh and ready to tackle a new challenge instead of feeling a little bored or repetitive. Each episode tackles every major muscle group and then some, giving you a great total body workout. Check out each video, choose a favorite to use in your routine or mix it up each week!                        

Yoga with Adrienne: Yoga for Beginners

The famous YouTube yogi from Austin, Adrienne Mishler, has a few of her own yoga series on Amazon. This video is a 40-minute practice that takes you through the basic poses and postures while you focus on your breath. It’s a slow paced and in-depth way to get to know the basics of yoga if you’re new to the practice, or even just to brush up on your poses while working out from home. If you’re a pro-yogi already, you can find plenty of her other series on Prime like Morning Yoga and Yoga for Weight Loss Series. 

Studio S Live Bootcamp – 2 Seasons

 Sara Moreland leads each video into a completely different work outs, keeping your muscles on edge and in the sweet spot for sweating it out. Each full body workout in the two seasons is intense and makes you work up a sweat, getting a little harder as you go. But after each workout you’ll finish feeling accomplished and tired. It’s a great way to stay consistent as you work through each video. Equipment is needed.  

Isometric Strength Training Series

 Isometric training works the entire body through static movements without any equipment. Just four videos is enough to give you plenty of options of what to add to your routine. Each 20-minute video focuses on a different muscle groups, so it’s short and targeted so you can make the most out of your time to work out. Give it a try!



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