Freezing for a Reason

By Kelly Frossard – June 20, 2018

What is Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy is essentially the method of using cold temperatures to induce healing benefits. The process consists of a brief exposure to sub-zero temperatures which rapidly decrease surface skin temperature and activates a natural response in the central nervous system, stimulating regulatory functions of the body, and assisting areas that might not be working to its fullest potential. Cryotherapy uses an electrically-cooled walk-in chamber (head-to-toe) similar to a "reverse" sauna. It looks for a uniform skin temperature decrease of 30-45 degrees in order to appropriately activate the central nervous system. The skin temperature drop also dictates your time in the whole body cryotherapy chamber. You can try it for as few as two minutes, or even as long as three minutes, in temperatures as low as -266 degrees fahrenheit.


Cryotherapy treatments are often used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, reduce muscle soreness, alleviate bruising, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase energy, accelerate recovery, and enhance circulation. There are many ways you can receive Cryotherapy, depending on your needs.


  • Whole Body Cryotherapy- a method designed to provide general benefits to the entire body rather than just one area.  A cryochamber using liquid nitrogen and refrigerated cold air is used to expose the patient to sub-zero temperatures which activates a natural response in the central nervous system. Once the nervous system has been activated, it can elicits multiple benefits. These include:

    • Significant Pain Relief

    • Reduced Inflammation

    • Reduced Muscle Soreness

    • Alleviation of Bruising

    • Improve Sleep

    • Reduce Stress Levels

    • Increase Energy and Productivity

    • Accelerate Recovery

    • Enhance Circulation


  • CryoFacial Rejuvenation- a six-minute treatment of -22 degree air applied directly to the face. The skin temperature of the face decreases down to roughly 50 degrees. Benefits:

    • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production

    • Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines

    • Anti-Inflammation of Face due to Allergies

    • Reduces Redness and Irritation due to Break-Outs


  • Localized Cryotherapy- a three-minute treatment of -22 degree air applied directly to affected areas, such as joints and muscle tissue, with the goal of decreasing the temperature of the skin down to 40 degrees which provides deeper, colder relief than any ice pack. Benefits:

    • Targeted Pain Relief

    • Reduced Inflammation

    • Increased Range of Motion

    • Accelerates Tissue Recovery


  • Theragun Vibration Massage- a three-minute targeted vibration massage treatment. Benefits:

    • Relieve Tension and Knots

    • Break Up Scar Tissue

    • Enhance Circulation

    • Increase Mobility and Range of Motion

    • Decrease Muscle Soreness

    • Accelerate Muscle Recovery


  • Hydromassage– a 10-minute warm water massage that pulsates a firm, but gentle water jet up at the body at a frequency of 100 bpm. Benefits:

    • Enhance Circulation

    • Promote Lymphatic Drainage


  • NormaTec Compression– a 10-minute high-pressure compression therapy that squeezes the feet all the way up to the hip. Benefits:

    • Flush Out Inflammation

    • Flush Out Lactic Acid Build Up

    • Reduces Muscle Soreness

    • Enhances Circulation


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