Hopefully by now, you know the hotter it gets, the more important it is to stay hydrated and drink H2O. Packing a water bottle can sometimes feel inconvenient—like attempting to keep it cold, not letting the condensation get in the way of your workout, or trying to ignore the bulkiness. That’s why we searched for the best water carriers to bring with you in your daily active lifestyle, so you’re ready to go when your friends invite you out for summer activities.


In 2010, the creators of S’well were tired of seeing plastic bottles around the cities they lived in. With S’well bottles’ increased popularity and minimalistic sufficiency, their mission passionately continues to rid the world of plastic bottles. If you haven’t noticed the selection of beautifully crafted bottles at almost every gym in Austin, you’re missing out on the stainless steel and BPA-free magic that is S’Well. At 9, 17, or 25 ounces, S’well has the capacity to keep your drink cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours. You can also sip your non-condensated S’well comfortably knowing that the purchase of a bottle benefits their many charity partners around the globe. And between us, the 25-ounce can fit a bottle of wine—not that we recommend taking that to the gym or anything.

50 Strong

50 Strong produces smart and stylish bottles designed to meet individual needs and drinking personalities. They’re 100 percent and proudly made in America, and even better, they’re affordably priced. Each water bottle also sports a finger-friendly flexible lanyard that can be comfortably carried with ease. These low-cost yet high-quality bottles combine the classic feel of a traditional water bottle with innovative technology.

The Insulated Bottle goes above and beyond, keeping your water impressively cold for hours. Its 24-ounce hourglass shape is easy to grip, making it ideal for running or on-the-go workouts, plus it fits into a bike cage. The see-through bottle allows you to see the insulation that keeps the liquid chilled, unlike stainless steel insulated bottles. Furthermore, our favorite feature is the gel cap, an easy mechanism that doesn’t leave your teeth aching from trying to pull it open (like 90 percent of other water bottles).

The Tornado Mixer provides both style and practicality. One of the largest perks with this bottle is the “cyclone” shaker device, which is far easier to clean than a traditional shaker ball (and looks pretty sleek, too,) so no more inconvenience when cleaning out your protein powder. The shaker quickly mixes your powders, meal replacement shakes, or water flavorings and doesn’t leave behind unpleasant chunks. This 30-ounce bottle performs and looks like a professional-grade water bottle.

The Gym Bottle makes the hassle of staying hydrated at the gym a lot easier. This bottle can hold your keys, cards, and cash, so you don't have to juggle a million things in one hand. It’s the perfect size at 32 ounces for constant hydration without having to carry around a bulky bottle. The nozzle provides a sufficient stream of water with a chug cap, so there's no fuss in squeezing or biting to get your water–even the last couple of drops.


Bübi Bottle

The Bübi Bottle, pronounced just how you think, is our next favorite carrier of our water bottle needs. This collapsible and portable, BPA-free beverage vessel is of medical-grade value, and also puncture-resistant. It can store dry and wet goods, electronics, plus they can be heated over fire in less than 15 minutes to boil water for food or drinks, making it the perfect accessory for your next camping trip. Bübi strives to influence and support active lifestyles with eco-responsible products. Whether you choose the 14-ounce or 22-ounce option, Bübi wants to help you live flexibly. These compact and fun-colored bottles are perfect for all activities, from fitness to leisure, to even gardening and travel. Although it’s slightly pricier compared to other water bottles, the Bübi Bottle is worth it.


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