Fresh Footballer Hair at Home

By Michelle Suggs – June 1, 2014
Photo by Teairra Eiland

Hairstyles seem to be a constantly evolving trend for men. Some of the world’s leading soccer players are also trendsetters with their daring ‘dos. From Neymar’s eccentric Mohawk to Beckham’s ever-so-graceful hipster appeal, we pay tribute to these fierce competitors by showing you how to recreate their looks.

Cristiano Ronaldo

(full name: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro)
Nationality: Portuguese
Position and Team: Forward, Real Madrid C.F. and Portugal’s National Team

Ronaldo, perhaps the most sought after man in soccer and one of the game’s biggest stars, is ever on trend. To be more specific, his side-swept Mohawk is a crowd pleaser. To recreate this much-desired style, you’ll need to make some adaptations. Instead of pushing the top length of the hair up as with a traditional Mohawk and the Neymar Crest, push the hair to the side and up. While the hair is still slightly wet, use a styling wax with a strong hold to create his glossy look, and finish with hairspray. If your hair is cut properly, this style is relatively simple and will have you looking like a superstar in no time.

David Beckham

Nationality: English
Position and Team: Midfielder, retired (owner of new Miami MLS team)

Through the years, David Beckham has elegantly shifted from shorn to shoulder-length locks, but recently he’s adopted a sleeker look. You’ll need a few items for this particular style. After washing, towel-dry your hair. If your hair isn’t already straight, you’ll need to use a flat iron. Work a few pumps of a volumizing spray into your hair; while still brushing, blow-dry back until no longer damp. Using a styling wax, run your hands your hair, using the fingers to create texture. For extra hold, finish with hair spray. Voila! You’ll look just as dapper as Becks himself.


(full name: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior)
Nationality: Brazilian
Position and Team: Forward, FC Barcelona and Brazilian National Team

To recreate Neymar’s trademark look (also called the “Neymar Crest”), you don’t necessarily need to opt in for highlights. There are an ample amount of different coloring options, including temporary spray coloring. To better represent the World Cup hosts and Brazilian national team, you can sport the “Canarinho” yellow with green trim on your Mohawk. Before applying the washable color, you need to style it first. Run over the top length of your hair with a flat iron, combing forward as you do so. Once it is extremely straight, rub your favorite pomade through your hands while pushing the hair upward, and pulling the very front section downward to form Neymar’s signature “bang.”

Antonio Nocerino

Nationality: Italian
Position and Team: Midfielder, West Ham United F.C. and Italian
National Team

Antonio Nocerino is a fierce competitor and his hair matches his disposition perfectly. The style is cut short on all sides but left longer on top. To recreate his dangerous spikes, use your favorite styling gel. Push the hair on top up, pulling different sections upwards to produce multiple spikes. Blow-dry the hair to harden the gel, and top it off with hairspray for extra hold. If you want to mimic his bleached tips, dust a light amount of temporary color to match your mood.

What better way is there to represent the sport of soccer than to recreate a favorite player’s hairstyles? With these simple styling steps and a favorite team jersey, any guy can unlock his inner Man of the Match while watching this year’s World Cup play.


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