2014 Swimsuit Issue

By AFM Staff – June 1, 2014
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

Summer in Austin—for those who can take the heat, it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors, whether getting out and getting sun or staying close to the pool. AFM has pulled together some of this season’s sizzling suits while exploring locations around town known for their getaway appeal. Our models? They’re folks from a variety of backgrounds and varied interests who call Austin home and can be spotted working out and enjoying a healthy lifestyle—as well as showcasing a fit physique.

Styled by Ericka Rodriguez  |  Makeup by Lauren Lumsden, Rae Cosmetics  |  Hair by Amy Salas & Alicia Montgomery, Rae Cosmetics

Graeber House

(410 E. 6th Street)

Many have walked right by and not recognized this stunning residence. Located on 6th Street, the Graeber Home is a restored 19th-century building listed as an Austin Historic Landmark; it was originally the Shamrock Saloon, which fell into disrepair until architect David Graeber bought the property in 1968. He extensively remodeled the building, and he and his wife Jean lived there until his death in 2010. Now, the Graeber House is available as a vacation rental and, with it’s location in the heart of Austin’s party district, it’s seen its share of notable visitors (Jimmy Kimmel’s people paid a visit during this year’s SXSW). Extra soundproofing helps enclose the building; there’s a garage with alley access for parking; and the mid-century modern décor, spacious interior, and gathering spaces contribute to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Whitney Miller at the Graeber House photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Greenlee Swim
$88  |  stillandsea.com

Greenlee Swim
$88  |  stillandsea.com

Get to know Whitney Miller

I am a big fan of the Tabata protocol for achieving a summer-ready body. This can be done very easily on a treadmill or using other unconventional equipment like battle ropes. I tend to do eight rounds that consist of 20 seconds of maximal effort with ten seconds of rest. Quick, but very intense!

Fitness and sports have been a part of my life since I can remember. I've competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, track and field, soccer, cross country, cheerleading, surfing, sailing, pageants and professionally competed in wake surfing. My fitness goals have changed over time but I truly believe pushing yourself, not only physically but also mentally, turns you into a stronger individual and carries over into everyday life.

The only thing I try to focus on is eating earth-grown nutrients. Diets are difficult to maintain and seem to always have an end date. If you keep the mindset of eating actual food that comes from the earth and has been touched by the sun, then it’s easy and becomes a lifestyle.

I started modeling in high school after I was crowned Miss Corpus Christi Teen USA. However, being on the shorter side has always hindered my modeling career a bit until I was crowned Miss Texas United States 2012 and, subsequently, Miss United States 2012. Since holding the title, I have been focusing on swimsuit and fitness modeling, which is right up my alley!

I am training for an MMA fight. Yes, I'm going from beauty queen to fighter! (Get inspired by following my journey on youtube.com/Miss2Jits and Instagram @Miss2Jits)

Aubrey Marcus at Graeber House photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Tyler's Hybrid
Grey Trunks
$50  |  in store @ Tyler's

Get to know Aubrey Marcus

I created a workout, called the Ultimate Steel Mace workout (onnit.com/ultimate-steel-mace-workout/), that is one of my favorites for maintaining lean, functional strength.  

I was a multisport athlete my whole life, and now I am a huge proponent of unconventional training, i.e. kettlebells, ropes, maces, clubs, bags.

I keep my nutrition pretty simple, and eat only earth-grown nutrients, as untouched by pesticides, refining, hormones, and genetic modification as possible. 

I did a little bit of runway modeling for a few years, but I wouldn't consider myself a model by any means!

I enjoy playing pinball.


Amelia Raun at Graeber House photo by Brian FitzsimmonsPatagonia Women's Bottom Turn Top
$55  |  stbernardsports.com

Get to know Amelia Raun

Yoga in a hot studio and a run outdoors are my go-to workouts for a bathing suit-ready body.

I've been running short distances for several years and I began yoga in 2010 after back surgery. In 2012, I received my first 200-hour yoga certification in creative vinyasa flow. In 2013, I received an additional 200-hour certification in power vinyasa. I practice a combination of both daily and run as often as I can.

When it comes to nutrition, I believe everything in moderation (including moderation).

I take my own yoga pictures. That's really it; I'm not a model.


Whitney Miller photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Frankie's Bikinis

$160  |  stillandsea.com


Aubrey Marcus at Graeber House photo by Brian Fitzisimmons

O'Neill Chop Block Jordy Freak Tank
$30  |  swell.com

Quicksilver Boardshort
$50  |  quicksilver.com



(2200 South Lakeshore Blvd.)

Peace Point juts out into Lady Bird Lake, and Austin’s newest addition to water rentals is nestled on its shore, making the floating dock a tranquil spot to sit, view the Austin skyline, and observe water birds and trail activity. One of the things that makes EpicSUP unique is their emphasis on sustainably made eco-boards, hand shaped and glassed here in the U.S. The park area is part of the South East Shore Master Plan, and Austin’s new boardwalk landing (opening June 7) and revamped hike-and-bike trail run right by EpicSUP, the Youth Hostel, and a new concessions area. There’s even a new eastside pedestrian bridge planned to span the lake. (For more information, see thetrailfoundation.org and view “Butler Trail Projects.”)


Amelia Raun at Epic SUP photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

ROXY Sunset Stripe One PIece
$88  |  roxy.com


Leslie Ward at Epic SUP photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Lisa Lozano
$126  |  stillandsea.com


Amelia Raun at Epic SUP photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

BECCA by Rebecca Virtue
Mesh Tec bandeau

$64  |  everythingbutwater.com

Mesh Tec Hipster
$50  |  everythingbutwater.com


Amelia and Leslie at Epic SUP photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Lucky Brand Pacific Rim Bandeau
$66  |  everythingbutwater.com

Lucky Brand Pacific Rim Banded Hipster
$52  |  everythingbutwater.com

BECCA by Rebecca Virtue

Off The Grid Halter
$72  |  everythingbutwater.com

Off The Grid Macramé Pant
$60  |  everythingbutwater.com


Leslie Ward at Epic SUP photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Zinke Reese Bandeau
$88  |  stillandsea.com

Zinke Emmi Riverside
$58  |  stillandsea.com

Murray/Keese Residence

(South Shore District, Austin)

When it came time for Jack Murray and Stacy Keese, owners of Jack and Adam’s Bicycles, to build a new home, the active Austin power couple found the perfect spot: an urban hilltop lot, overlooking the city, conveniently located near the trail at Lady Bird Lake. “It’s only a block away from the new boardwalk, which conveniently takes you to our store, only 2 miles away,” said Keese. The couple tapped local architectural firm North Arrow Studio, which worked with them to create a home that combines modern elements with natural materials—concrete block walls, torched wood siding, plate steel staircases, painted pressure-treated pine for decking—while connecting the couple with Austin’s beautiful outdoors. “You cannot beat the view,” explained project principal Francisco Arredondo. “The property is located on one of the highest natural elevations in town. We oriented the house towards the city and created platforms and terraces to take advantage of the amazing views of downtown. From the roof deck, you can get 360-degree views of Austin.”

In addition to being a great place for entertaining and enjoying the skyline, Murray and Keese included some enviable fitness features in their home. There’s a compact swimming pool with lap pool jets on the first-level terrace and an exercise room on the second floor, next to the master suite. They even have plans to add climbing holds to one of the terrace walls.


Andrew Key photo by Brian Fitzsimmons


$50  |  tylersaustin.com

Get to know Andrew Key

Cindy (it's a CrossFit WOD). The workout: in 20 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of five pull-ups, ten push-ups, and 15 air squats.

I played every sport growing up, then concentrated on football and tennis in MS and HS, eventually settling on football at Texas A&M Univ… I'm now a CrossFit instructor here in Austin.

For the most part, my wife and baby and I follow the Paleo diet. Essentially, we cut bread and dairy out while focusing on lean meat/seafood, fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, and avocados. We are also sticklers for organic produce and grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, wild-caught seafood, etc.  We practically buy all meats directly from ranchers/farmers.

I've been seriously modeling/acting for just over five years. The past two years have been primarily focused on commercial and film gigs, but I just walked the runway at Austin Fashion Week. As a dude with an athletic background, I'd love to do much more fitness modeling, but it has been nearly impossible to break into while living in Texas!

I have over $2K worth of coffee equipment and specialty roaster beans in my home at all times, preferring to make my own espresso and brewed coffee over most shops. Although some see this as snobbery, I just truly love the coffee making experience.


Brooke Ulrich photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

$84  |  everythingbutwater.com

Zinke Gidget Hipster
$66  |  shopzinke.com

Get to know Brooke Ulrich

Well a combination of all these activities that do not require a gym: THELIDO bikini "Every Morning" and 30 Day Squat Challenge (both can be found on THELIDO bikini Facebook page), run Mount Bonnell stairs, and “Insanity” a few times a week.

Coming from a very sports competitive family, I ran on the varsity track team (sprint relay, 100 and 200 meter dash), was a varsity cheerleader, and played softball as a kid. So, being fit was a must, beginning as a young child. I ran the Rock n' Roll half marathon a couple years ago; that was brutal.

I am "pescatarian" (I abstain from eating all meat and animal flesh with the exception of fish). Also, I've been juicing a lot lately; it's addicting.

I've done a few things: pageants, commercials, promos, print work for Trigger Point Performance, Miss Swimsuit USA Internationals, Flex Magazine Model Search at Mr. Olympia.

For ten years or so, I rodeoed back in West Texas. Yes, barrel raced. I wasn't that great at it, though.  However, I did win the goat tie for the Sandy Division when I was twelve (ha-ha).


Andrew Key and Brooke Ulrich photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

$90  |  stbernardsports.com

(Brooke, Top)
Tommy Bahama Sailboat Bandeau
$89  |  tommybahama.com

Zinke Gidget Hipster
$66  |  shopzinke.com


Brooke Ulrich

The Lido 
$200  |  thelidobikini.com


Brooke Ulrich

The LIDO Bikini
$75  |  thelidobikini.com

Lisa Lozano
$69  |  stillandsea.com


Andrew Key and Brooke Ulrich photo by Brian Fitzsimmons

Bonobos BoardShort
$75  |  bonobos.com

The LIDO Bikini
$200  |  thelidobikini.com



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