Paleo f(x) Picks

By Gretchen Goswitz – July 1, 2016
Photography by Weston Carls

Bubba’s Fine Foods

Snack mix, $9 • • Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, grain free, preservative free, no refined sugars

For clean eaters who don’t have a weakness for sweets, but instead crave more savory snacks, Bubba’s got it covered. The snack mix varieties mimic the taste and crunch of potato chips by using banana chips, pecans, and cashews, and coating them in seasonings to create flavors like chipotle honey BBQ and ranch.


Mother Dirt

AO+Mist, $49 • • Preservative-free, fragrance-free, kid-friendly, sensitive skin-friendly

Bacteria always got a bad rap when it came to skin care, until Mother Dirt came along. The AO+ Mist contains live Ammonia-Oxidizing bacteria, best used on the sweatiest areas of your body to help keep a healthy pH on skin. Think of it as a super toner, deodorant replacement, and soap substitute all in one.



Pit Spritz, $12 • Fat Stick, $10 • • Preservative-free, kid-friendly, sensitive skin-friendly

Settle your stink with pit spritz! This natural deodorizer smells like apple cider vinegar at application, but quickly fades as it neutralizes body odor. Fatco also makes cleansing oil, face cream, hair oil, and pregnancy/baby-safe products. Another standout is the Fat Stick, which serves as lip balm, cuticle cream, and a lotion stick in a half-ounce tube.


Sauna Space

Pocket Sauna, $1,000 •

The near-infrared lamp sauna combines the heat therapy of traditional saunas with the deep healing power that comes from sunlight’s near-infrared light band. Sauna Space’s benefits include athletic performance enhancement, accelerated wound and muscle healing, reduced fat and cellulite formation, improved cognitive function, increased longevity, and detox of petrochemicals and heavy metals. Still on the fence about it? Sauna Space gives a 100-day trial period to decide if it 
suits you.


Taza Chocolate

Amaze Bars, $5 • • Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, vegan, organic, non-GMO

Taza was the first American chocolatier to establish a third-party certified Direct Trade Cacao Certification program. In short, they got rid of the middleman to provide a more wholesome product. Taza’s Amaze Bars use 60 percent dark stone ground chocolate and mix it with tasty flavors like raspberry, coconut, and almond.


Ona Cookies

Single cookie pack, $3 • • Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, certified organic,  non-GMO, fair trade ingredients

The Ona Bars are a soft and chewy blend of organic nuts and honey. Ona Bars are full of healthy fats and clean ingredients and are sure to satisfy your appetite and sweet tooth. Sweetened only with honey, filled with organic nuts and coconut oil, Ona Bars eliminate the spike and crash effect commonly associated with refined sugars and fruit sweetened bars.


Siete Family Foods 

Two packs of 8 tortillas, $22 • • Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, grain free, non-GMO, preservative free


Let’s be real. Going paleo in Austin is painful when you realize how many breakfast tacos you’ll be missing out on. However, with Siete, you can continue to indulge. They offer almond flour tortillas, as well as a cassava flour option. Ideal for cooking or snacking, the tortillas taste, fold, and hold like a tortilla should.



Single serving, $3 • • Dairy free, soy free, gluten free, grain free, preservative free, certified paleo

These mug muffins are perfect for a paleo person on the go. Your diet doesn’t have to be compromised if you don’t have the time to prep every meal. Pour the MuffinElse mix into a mug, add four tablespoons of water, then pop into the microwave for 90 seconds. With flavors like cinnamon rising, double chocolate, nutty maple, and pecan clover (made of only eight ingredients), it’s an extra win in the taste department, too.


Awesome Bunz 

Six-pack, $10 • • Soy free, dairy free, grain free, low-carb, ketogenic, non-GMO

Summer is here, which means backyard burgers are a must. With Awesome Bunz, lettuce wraps are no longer the only low-carb option for cookouts. They’re made with fresh ingredients, so they have to be kept refrigerated or frozen but easily thaw and take to a toaster.


Paleo Powder

Individual, $7-8 • • Whole30 approved


Add an extra kick to your meats and veggies with these paleo-approved all purpose seasonings. Two of the four offerings are salt-free, so it’s also a flavorful option for anyone watching their sodium intake.


Desert Farms

Camel Milk • • No hormones, pasture raised, non-GMO, gluten free, BPA free

*Favorite Newcomer

Technically, this is a dairy product, and dairy isn’t compliant with the paleo diet. Many are making the exception though, because camel’s milk is said to be suitable for those with lactose intolerance and is much easier to digest than cow or goat milk. Common in the Middle East, it’ll be interesting to see how Americans respond to it on the shelves. After all, it’s not too different than what we’re used to—it tastes like, well, milk!


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