FitFinds: One Workout Shoe to Rule Them All

By John Schrup – July 1, 2014
photography by Lauren Pape

New Balance 1400 v2, $100

Technically a marathon racing flat, the 1400 fits closer than socks and is so smooth you might just want to take up the marathon anyway. The offset (the heel-to-toe differential) is closer to a standard running shoe, but you won’t mind because the 1400 are so comfortable. 5.5/6.4 oz., 9mm

ON Cloud, $109

The Cloud are brand new, from Swiss newcomer ON. The Cloud are similar in fit to the 1400, and add a Euro-hip, casual look to the performance engineering. Hidden between the upper and the midsole is the Speedboard, a full-length flexible plastic plate that provides a more even distribution of shock, a more solid platform for quick, explosive movement, and aids in propulsion in forward movement. 6.5/7.4 oz., 9mm


Saucony Kinvara 5, $100

Like the Pure Flow, the Kinvara are part of a line of shoes—the Natural line—within the Saucony brand that brings the heel closer to the ground relative to the forefoot of the shoe. They retain plush cushioning at the same time offering a light, flexible platform. The Kinvara have such a cult-like following that it shouldn’t be a surprise if someone approaches you in line at the Whole Foods Market to ask how you like yours. 6.7/7.6 oz., 4mm


Brooks Pure Flow 3, $100

Brooks Pure line is designed to allow the foot a greater range of motion while protecting it. The Pure Flow 3 are the softest of the line, yet still allow the foot to set down with greater ease and allow functional movement without excessive engineering to get in the way. Durability of the PF3 is better than most shoes in similar categories, so you’ll probably end up buying a second pair for your running days as well. 7.4/9.0 oz., 4mm


Mizuno Hitogami, $100

The sleeper of the bunch, the Hitogami are low, light, and firm. They fit pretty narrow, so if your feet are of the Flintstonian variety, look elsewhere. Mizuno wearers tend to remain Mizuno wearers because the Wave plate in the rear of the midsole provides a unique feel to the shoe. 6.6/8.0 oz., 9mm


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