A Nutritionist’s Favorite Things

By Anne Wilfong, R.D., L.D. – July 1, 2014

Last year’s “Favorite Things” article was so popular that I was asked to share my new favorites again for this year and, as always, I am happy to oblige. 

I wasn’t able to keep myself from food blogs this year and listed here are some of my new daily reads:

How Sweet Eats: I am a bit late in finding this fabulous blog, but it never disappoints, with recipes ranging from healthy to comfort foods—and everything in between.

Pinch of Yum: Lindsay and Bjork create yummy and simple recipes, and if you are interested in food blogging, this couple gives great tips and resources for getting started. 

Spoon, Fork, Bacon: Check out their happy hour section for amazing cocktail recipes and flavored ice cubes, all perfect for summer parties.

Lemons and Anchovies: Lots of vegetarian recipes; the banana Nutella bread is a family favorite. I substitute the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter for Nutella, and it’s amazing.

Alexandra Cooks: From breakfast to dinner recipes, there is something for everyone on Alexandra’s blog. Try the spring wheat berry salad.


Favorite Recipes

Follow my Pinterest recipe page (pinterest.com/alwilfong/recipes), where I add new recipes weekly.

Breakfast: Banana bread granola from Minimalist Baker
Much better than store-bought granola, and the recipe can be adapted to different nuts and/or seeds. If your bananas are really ripe, leave out the sugar added to the granola.

Lunch: Green Goodess grilled cheese on TasteSpotting
This recipe has been tweaked a dozen different ways on Pinterest, but the common thread is always avocado, pesto, and cheese melted together on delicious bread for a decadent grilled sandwich.

Dinner: Ginger chicken with mushrooms and thai flavors found on Kalyn’s Kitchen

Quick and easy to prepare; try adding other vegetables, such as green beans or asparagus, to the stir fry and top with peanuts for extra crunch.

Kid Favorite: My children see my job as a dietitian as punishment sometimes and have frequently asked for less “healthy” options. Since I believe all foods can fit, I certainly oblige on occasion. Their favorite “less-than-perfectly-balanced” recipe is tater tot nachos from Foodie with Family. Granted, I do use sweet potato tater tots and throw in some black beans, but they don’t seem to notice it all melted under the cheese.


Favorite Cookbook

Cancer Fighting Kitchen is great for those who want to prevent or are fighting cancer but equally as fantastic for those who want yummy, easy-to-fix, whole-food recipes. 


Favorite Gadget

Paderno Spiralizer. Summer favorites such as squash and zucchini are turned into vegetable noodles and are a great swap for pasta or as additions to fresh salads. Beets, carrots, apples, onions, and sweet potatoes also “spiralize” perfectly. But be careful; I ended up with eight stitches after the blade came between a me and my sweet potato.


Favorite Websites for Nutrition Info

I offer up a warning—double and triple check any nutrition information read online. It’s easy to be sucked in and deceived by false hopes and promises. Some of my new favorite websites are:

Harvard Health Blog: This site has tons of information on the latest nutrition research. Be sure to sign up for their weekly newsletter.

Nutrition Action Newsletter by the CSPI: If you like drama, be sure to read their “right stuff vs. food porn,” where they pit a healthy restaurant or grocery item against a less healthy option.  

Nutrition Blog Network: You can find links to hundreds of nutrition blogs written by registered dietitians on this site, and all the blogs are organized by category, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

Eat Right by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Eatright.org has lots of relevant nutrition information on its home page and is updated frequently.  

If you have a favorite blog or newsletter, be sure to post the information in a comment. Until next year, enjoy these favorites. 


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