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By Advertisers – July 1, 2014

An Active Alternative to Joint Replacement

Almost six years ago, Julie Elrod tore her meniscus while running. Since the initial injury, Julie endured five failed knee surgeries and was desperate for something to work. Three different doctors told Julie that her only option was a total knee replacement. As an owner and instructor of three of the largest martial arts schools in Maryland, Julie knew that a knee replacement would drastically compromise her martial arts career. For Julie, that type of procedure just wasn’t an option.

Julie eventually heard about an alternative solution to a total joint, the Arthrosurface Knee HemiCAP®. This implant consists of a small cap and screw which would restore only the damaged area of the knee rather than replacing the entire joint. Julie realized that with the HemiCAP® as an option, she could possibly return to martial arts and maintain an active lifestyle without pain.

Julie admitted she was skeptical, but decided to have the HemiCAP® surgery. To her surprise, she was back teaching martial arts only two weeks after her operation. Today, Julie is 44 years old, pain free and more active than ever. She says, “my knee is strong again; it doesn’t hurt at all. I’m back to doing everything that I ever wanted to do with my career, teaching martial arts five hours a night.”

Arthrosurface® Inc. was organized in 2001 to develop new ways to treat cartilage damage using minimally invasive technology. Unlike a total joint replacement which removes all cartilage and significant amounts of bone, the Arthrosurface HemiCAP® implants only replace the painful part of the joint where the cartilage has worn away; similar to the way a dentist fills a cavity. The remaining structures in the joint are left untouched, allowing patients to move naturally again.

After ten years, there are more than 50,000 patients that have received HemiCAP® implants, which are available in a variety of sizes and curvatures for the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and toes. In multi-center studies, patients reported outstanding pain relief, rapid recovery times and significant improvements in their range of motion. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and may allow patients to resume full activity without restrictions.

www.arthrosurface.com/julie  •  508-520-3003  •  www.facebook.com/Arthrosurface


Evans Dermatology

Evans Dermatology is proud to have an outstanding team of experienced doctors who provide quality skin care at their current location on Brodie Lane in South Austin. They are excited to be opening two new offices in the fall of 2014 on South Lamar and near Kyle Parkway.

Dermatologist Amy McClung, MD is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology. As an avid runner herself (and being married to a Rogue Running coach), Dr. McClung has a personal interest in sun protection for runners and other outdoor athletes.

From Barton Springs and Deep Eddy, to Lady Bird Lake Trail and the greenbelt, Dr. McClung knows Austin is an amazing city for outdoor activity, but admits that between the heat, sweat and sun, Austin can be a challenging place for an outdoor athlete (especially during the summer months).

Exercising outdoors puts you at increased risk for some skin conditions, such as skin infections and sun-induced changes, including skin cancer. On the plus side, Dr. McClung finds that her athletic patients pay close attention to their health, which can result in early detection of skin issues and better outcomes. Most common skin concerns are easily addressed with a quick trip to the Evans Dermatology office.

Just like getting in shape, keeping your skin healthy requires a good daily routine, including generous application of SPF 30+ sunscreen. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to keep your skin beautiful for years to come.

Dr. McClung’s message to her patients: “Get outside and enjoy your workout. Don’t let concerns about your skin keep you on the couch!”

9701 Brodie Lane, Suite A-106, Austin, Texas 78748
www.evans-dermatology.com  •  (512) 280-3939



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