KMB: Austin Peak Fitness

By Monica Brant – July 11, 2011

After my last KMB feature shoot at Austin Peak Fitness, I have a newfound appreciation for TRX training. Up to now, I’ve only had a few sessions with TRX and I’m only familiar with about 3 exercises, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to learn more about the routines and try it out with a certified TRX trainer.

Upon arrival to the newly opened facility, I was welcomed enthusiastically by two friends from my early 20’s—who just happened to be the owners, too! It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least. After some time catching up on the last 10-plus years, fitness manager Jeff Yandle was ready to KICK MY BUTT!

Soon after making me run through a series of warm up exercises, Jeff assessed my skill and fitness level. After that, I was warmed up and ready for the workout ahead.

If you were to just check out the workout listed on the board, it wouldn’t necessarily look like much. But Jeff had geared up for an intense workout that covered all muscle groups extensively. I had been warned that he was going to make it tough to make sure my butt was efficiently kicked!

The workout was definitely challenging and I felt it everywhere, especially in my weakest spot (my chest). I may or may not have complained a wee bit about how tired my chest was becoming, but I sucked it up (for the most part!) and pushed through.

I was definitely impressed with Jeff. He knows his business, and he is a fantastic coach. For some of the exercises, he worked right beside me and made sure I had correct form at all times. The hour flew by, and at the end of the workout I had decided that this feature should be renamed Kick Mo’s Body!

It was a complete body workout and I was exhausted! I believe the workout was more intense than most beginner workouts, but like I was warned before, Jeff wanted to make sure he had kicked my butt.

I plan on returning to face the TRX’s again! This workout could benefit everyone, from all ages and fitness levels.

Thanks Peak and Jeff for another amazing KMB shoot and workout.

Special thanks to Lululemon Athletic Wear on 6th and Lamar and Hair Angel for my incredible hair and products!

with Jeff Yandle

Atomic Push Ups, 15
Bulgarian Split Squat Jumps, 10L, 10R
Reverse Lunge to Pistol Squat 8L, 8R

Explosive Front Squats, 30 sec,
Rest 10 sec
Sprinter Start, 30 sec

Handstand Push-ups 10, 8, 6
Hip Drop 10, 8, 6

**Plyo Set [same as above]

Plank Drops, 5
Plank Walk-Out, 10

**Plyo Set [same as above]

Body Weight Row, 15
Center Bicep Curls, 15
Scorpions!, 10 each

**Plyo Set [same as above]

Single Leg Burpees, 10L, 10R

In an endless search to find the best workouts in town, Monica Brant-Peckham has agreed to be our “guinea pig” and take them on full force. Every month we’ll feature a new trainer and a different set of workouts for our readers, in the process trying to Kick Mo’s Butt!

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