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By admin – July 11, 2011

by Caroline Fabacher

Riddled with trails, lakes, gyms, studios, courts and parks, Austin is a veritable playground when it comes to healthy living. In spite of this, there are some mornings when there is nothing more awful than the sound of the alarm clock buzzer. And there are some evenings, after a long, hard day at work, when happy hour beckons with the irresistible pull of a Siren song. But instead of fumbling for the snooze button, or dousing the stress of the day in a margarita, Austinites sweat it out. We wanted to know what gets you out there, day after day, and coming back for more. When it comes to fitness and healthy living, what inspires you, Austin?

Nate Barstad, 25
Profession: Military
Activity of choice: Anything outdoors
Quote: The ability to stay healthy and to change my family genes. Obesity runs in my family, and staying active lets me live a freer life.

Becky Walker, 30
Profession: State employee
Activity of choice: Running the trail around Town Lake
Quote: I can always do better. I can always be better.

Daniel Womack, 36
Profession: Lobbyist
Activity of choice: Trail running in the Greenbelt.
Quote: I guess my inspiration is just to be in a healthy state- mentally and physically.

Sebastian Keep, 28
Profession: Professional BMX Rider
Activity of choice: Spending time on his bike
Quote: So that I’m able to get on my bike and feel great. So that I can ride with lots of energy.

Justin Porter, 41
Profession: Engineer
Activity of choice: Spending time with his family
Quote: Keeping up with my children into my old age.

Ivana Wrobleski, 21
Profession: Student
Activity of choice: Running on Shoal Creek Boulevard
Quote: I have a lot of family members with health problems. They are my inspiration to live healthy.

Jake McComb, 27
Profession: Margarita
Machine Deliverer
Activity of choice: Yoga at Black Swan
Quote: Once you start doing it (yoga, for me), the practice IS the motivation, the inspiration.

Morgan Schenk, 27
Profession: Videographer
Activity of choice: Yoga at Black Swan
Quote: It’s simple. It’s the rush. Just
the feeling.

Lauren Saul, 25
Profession: Entrepreneur
Activity of choice: Yoga and
strength training
Quote: I’m inspired by the feeling of having some control when I’m older. To know that what I do now will impact the way I feel when I’m 30, 40, or 50.

Jessica Holmes, 35
Profession: Interior Designer
Activity of choice: Yoga and biking
Quote: What inspires me? Getting better.

Storm Foster, 33
Profession: Fashion photographer
Activity of choice: Biking
Quote: What inspires me is being able to move, being able to live, and getting to the places that let me take that great photo.

Whit Sowards, 26
Profession: Law Clerk for Texas Supreme Court
Activity of choice: Running and crossfit
Quote: I work to be as fit as possible, and to reach my goal of finishing an Ironman.

Beth Anne Krajicek, 32
Profession: Hair Stylist
Activity of choice: Crossfit and tennis
Quote: I’m inspired every day by my friends and coaches, at crossfit or on the tennis court.

Cindy Hammes, 32
Profession: Controller at Four Hands
Activity of choice: Crossfit
Quote: Leading a healthy and active life.

Julie Fridlington, 41
Profession: Dermatologist
Activity of choice: Running, swimming, and crossfit
Quote: My inspiration comes from setting challenging new goals for myself. And succeeding!

Lori Peterson, 42
Profession: Marketing
Activity of choice: Running and crossfit
Quote: Being a good example to my kids, Cole (4 ½) and Ainsley (18 months).

Joe Llamas, 37
Profession: Real Estate Development
Activity of choice: Crossfit
Quote: A healthy lifestyle to ensure years with my family.

@AustinFit asked our Twitter followers what inspires them to keep fit, here are some of their responses.

From @BonniePfiester 10:06 a.m. via Web:
“@AustinFit It’s the people looking to ME for support that INSPIRE ME to keep going. Leadership holds me accountable. #TwitFit” — #TwitFit Response

From @willsmom 10:18 a.m. via Twitter for iPhone:
“@AustinFit Health & I have to be fit to keep up with my kids. I love the way I feel. #TwitFit #healthymakesmehappy”
— #TwitFit Response

From @aaericks 10:07 a.m. via TweetDeck:
“@AustinFit Our city. The constant support of the community we’ve built on the trails and roads inspires me to actively explore! #TwitFit” — #TwitFit Response

From @CorinaFrankie 9:57 a.m. via Web:
“@AustinFit The recognition of leading an active lifestyle inspires great change in perspective, in myself & those around me. #TwitFit” — #TwitFit Response

From @secondmercedes 9:45 a.m. via Web:
“@AustinFit The elation, joy, and inspiration that I feel at the finish line of an Ironman. That — and the hope to go to Kona one day. #TwitFit” — #TwitFit Response

From @kjsouthernbelle 9:45 a.m. via Web: 10:10 a.m. via Twitter for iPhone:
“@AustinFit running is the cheapest form of therapy & best anger management tool for me. Not to mention it helps me sleep at night. #TwitFit” — #TwitFit Response

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