Wellness FAQ: Reaching Your Potential

By Dr. Robert Harding and Apeiron Center for Human Potential (Sponsored) – December 31, 2018


We live in a time of advancing science and exponential technologies that places data and metrics at our fingertips. Apeiron Center for Human Potential is a new, local business that leverages these powerful advancements to provide precise individualized strategies to optimize health and well-being.

We asked Dr. Robert Harding of Apeiron how he approaches health and why we should start taking a new look at Precision Performance Medicine.

What is Apeiron’s Precision Performance Medicine?

Apeiron takes a unique complex systems approach, where all aspects of the human system are assessed. Beginning with your genetic code, Aperion maps your blueprint by leveraging advanced diagnostics, labs and clinical assessments such as body composition, bone density testing, brain and psychophysiologic peak performance stress mapping, the latest in neurocognitive function testing, QEEG, human movement neuromuscular evaluation, and hormone balance. We focus on a new health paradigm which moves toward enhanced living as opposed to the current model that moves away from sickness. 

What role do systems diagnostics play in your method?

We evaluate all aspects of an individual’s life; their medical and family history, occupation, lifestyle and the environments they live and play in. By leveraging individual systems diagnostics to include genetics along with real time markers from sensor and mobile data we provide personalized lifestyle interventions to optimize and enhance gene expression. 

We then design an individualized performance plan that returns health to a place of foundational homeostasis (balance) from which optimization may flow. Once optimization occurs the real fun begins and enhancement becomes available to achieve levels of health and performance not previously thought possible. 

How does the science of epigenetics inform health?         

The game-changing Science of Epigenetics assists us to create personalized and precise optimization strategies by taking the reins of gene expression to adapt and thrive under modern environmental pressures.

Every decision we make contributes to this process in some way. The food we eat, the quality of sleep we experience, the cars we drive, the products we clean with and put on our skin, the thoughts we think, the people we hang out with, the levels of stress we react to and the chemicals and medications we dump into our water supply, all have an effect. When we use precision data based on the uniqueness of the individual we can create a rapid change in health and performance status.

What are the benefits of Precision Performance Medicine? 

Precision Performance Medicine results in a state of being where consistent high performance becomes the new baseline state. Thriving health and well-being is about having an agile system and optimal tools and strategies to promote effortless rejuvenation and recovery. In this way you are positioned to flourish in any environment including those that present challenge. Common outcomes include increased energy, stamina and cognitive clarity. In addition, improved body composition and sleep quality, increased libido, connectedness and enhanced executive skills are all easily within reach.

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