2012 Personal Trainer Guide

By Advertisers – January 3, 2012
Photography by Annie Ray

CrossFit Texas

(512) 771-6069 // 4674 Priem Lane, Ste. #408 // Pflugerville, TX 78660 //  www.crossfittx.com

When asked what does CrossFit Texas mean to you, the responses were eye-opening. The expected answer from a gym would be focused on changes in looks and pants size, but what was answered reached far deeper than that. Such responses like: Being strong, fit, and beautiful after 40.

Showing my kids what true strength means.­ — Bonnie

Making fitness fun! ­— Kaci

Losing 171 pounds and getting my life back! ­— Mary

30 pounds and counting!­ — Vic

No treadmills-just kicking butt! ­— Jessica

Pushing past possible.­ — Gideon

Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but worth every rep. ­— Mitch

Confidence in a box. ­— Ashley

CrossFit Texas has filled the gaps of what people are missing in life. It’s been called a sanctuary from all the other daily stresses. It’s not just a place to come workout; it’s a family and community of support and encouragement, which fits the vision the owner, Brannon Muska, had for his gym. A former Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer, Brannon realized the importance to have a foundation of trust, commitment, and community. You can have knowledgeable, expert trainers, but the most important aspect of reaching goals is a true and genuine compassion to help others. At CrossFit Texas, every trainer has his or her own specialties, and shares the same vision and passion of Brannon’s. “It’s great to know that we can have a gym that’s compassionate yet motivating at the same time,” says Brannon. We have built a community of fitness that everyone looks forward to everyday.

CrossFit Texas offers nutritional consultations and regular body fat analysis sessions. “The workout is only 1 hour of the day; I want to make sure we educate our clients on what to do the other 23 hours of the day to become successful,” advises Brannon. With a strong focus on what is put into our bodies, CrossFit Texas helps members build a plan that best fits their needs and goals. Within just a few months, CrossFit Texas members are experiencing results that they have never seen before because they are getting personal training in a group setting along with a community of accountability.

People are usually scared to death when they see or hear about CrossFit. A huge CrossFit myth is that people need to first get in shape before joining. The truth about CrossFit is that each workout is scalable and can be modified according to individual ability and goals. All ages, shapes, and sizes can do CrossFit. At CrossFit Texas, everyone remembers the nervous feeling they had on their first day, but the most common comment from everyone is how welcomed they felt when they first walked through the door.

Whatever your goals are, CrossFit Texas is here to stand beside you in your journey. Every member should go home with a positive response to these three questions: How do I feel? How do I look? How do I perform? Brannon Muska’s vision of a community of health and wellness shines through the various faces and stories at CrossFit Texas.

(909) 670-5850 // 2111 Sam Bass Rd., Suite 100A // Round Rock, TX 78664 // www.fitnesstrainingstudios.net

Work hard…play hard….GET RESULTS! Join the evolution of fitness. The industry is changing everyday and we enjoy staying ahead of the curve. We mix old school principles with new age tactics and always get results.

Unlike your corporate style gym with corporate style trainers, FTS is a fresh, private training studio with experienced, highly skilled trainers. At FTS we tend to yield high energy and at the same time keep a family like atmosphere. Our clients are always smiling and always sweating! From dumbbells to tractor tires, there's countless ways to get your butt kicked with us.
Together we are a family of trainers and group instructors who have been able to combine our individual businesses into an elite force dedicated to making others stronger, faster and better than ever before. We are very diverse at FTS, specializing in mixed martial arts, bodybuilding, extreme weight loss, sports performance and crossfit. We consistently train each other and keep each other advanced in each technique.

Group training classes at FTS include: Zumba, M*A*S*H Bootcamp, Power Bootcamp, kickboxing, strength endurance, Yoga, Flirty Fit (for the ladies) and Barbarian Training (for the men). During the spring and summer, we will be hosting the James Kirkendoll Football Camp.

Unique options available at FTS include massage therapy, bodybuilding posing classes, grocery shopping sessions, nutrition seminars, web based training, and children's exercise classes. These are set with appointments, so call to get into the next available slot.

We love fitness and even more we love changing people’s lives! Regardless of your age, gender, or physical condition we will take you above and beyond any expectations you have. To show that we care, call in for a free week of Bootcamp, exercise classes and personal training! Energy and persistence conquer all things!

CrossFit Valor
300 Brushy Creek, Ste. 501 // Cedar Park, TX 78613 // www.crossfitvalor.com

CrossFit Valor is, first and foremost, a family. We believe in physical fitness, mental toughness, and have discovered that there is definitely freedom in strength. Come be a part of our family- we come in all shapes, sizes and athleticisms- and are on a daily mission to improving our lives.

We train for everyday life’s challenges and obstacles. One of our members, Dave Rainey, has had an amazing CrossFit journey. He started our CrossFit program in May 2010, after a car accident left him injured for almost two years.

“I would be deceiving you if I told you this period of my life was easy. I rowed while others ran. I stopped for water while others increased the pace. Through the gut checks, ego checks, and soreness, I stuck with it. I gradually let go of the pity party I was throwing for myself and began tackling my demons. When I wanted to quit, I reminded myself that this is what I had asked for when I was stuck in bed from my car accident. I wanted this, and now was the chance to fulfill my promise to myself. This was the catalyst for change and encouragement that I needed to support me along the way. I focused on my achievements rather than my limitations and, little by little, found myself gaining strength and embracing the WOD as an attainable goal rather than an insurmountable obstacle. I fought the voices that told me to quit and worked to embrace the difficulty rather than block it out. Slowly and deliberately, my life was changed.

I have spent a year and a half working out with Dale. While my journey to recovery has been through CrossFit, Dale has been my compass every step of the way. I cannot express in words how much I appreciate the gift he has given me. The physical results are visible, but it is the intangible that has truly changed my life. Every drop of sweat, grunt, yell, and battle fought in "the box" has given me the opportunity to heal my body from the inside out. One day at a time and looking forward to my next WOD.” — Dave Rainey, Cedar Park, TX

Whatever your circumstance might be, there is a place for you at CrossFit Valor. We want to meet you and help you achieve results. Not only do we do have a fitness program, we put as much importance on nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits, and friendship. CrossFit Valor is much more than just a workout! To start your new journey with us, please reach out. We look forward to meeting you!


Camp Gladiator
(512) 587-9110 // 40+ Austin Area Locations // www.campgladiatoraustin.com

Camp Gladiator (CG) is a four week adult fitness boot camp that promises an intense, motivating, and challenging environment where men and women of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves. Campers should expect a total body workout. A typical session could include interval training, sprint and agility drills, stations, plyometrics, body weight strength drills, cardio mix, and much more. CG offers unlimited sessions at 40+ Austin locations so once you sign-up you can attend any and all for four weeks at one low price!
Competitor Magazine, the leading voice in promoting an active lifestyle, conducted polls and Camp Gladiator was voted The Best Boot Camp in Texas. Rare Magazine chose CG as the Best Boot Camp in Austin, and D Magazine's Readers' Choice and Editors' Choice for Best Fitness Program in Dallas was also Camp Gladiator!


Mariah MacDonald & the RevEx Team
(512) 296-5677 // 3616 FarWest Blvd. // www.revelationfit.com

For the third year in a row (and in its third year in business), Revelation Fitness tops the Austin Fit Top 10 Trainers list.

RevFit’s 12 Week ˜RevEx Program” has made waves in the Austin community, and nationally, for the dramatic results it produces. A year ago the company not only topped our list but was poised to become one of the nation’s fastest-growing startups. So it came as a shock to many when owner Mariah MacDonald resumed her role as CEO of the company and let go of a number of trainers and staff whom she herself had hand-picked and trained.

MacDonald explains, “When I started the company I had a vision that all clients could and should have nothing less than a life-transforming experience. From the outside, from a results perspective, it was working.” Indeed, no one can argue with the amazing before-and-afters the company seems to churn out on a monthly basis. But from the inside? “We had about a 50% customer service satisfaction rating. That was a harsh pill to swallow when revenues were growing and people I’d trained myself from the ground-up were content.”

And now? “According to our surveys, customer satisfaction is up to 90%. We have systems in place to catch any dissatisfaction early so we can course-correct for the individual client. I spend about half my week making sure everyone is happy and on-track. In the end it’s just like Physique Transformation: it’s painful, your old friends aren’t going to like your new ways, and you assume a ton of additional expenses knowing that it will be worth it in the end.”

And was it? If January is any indicator, MacDonald’s “crazy” idea worked. “We are having the busiest month in our business’s history. The new team is amazing — lots of ex-military and people who transformed themselves are 110% committed to seeing this vision come to life at any cost. They bust their butts. It’s an incredible environment to work in.”

Indeed, on day of interview RevEx is bustling with 10 Trainers and ˜Client Managers” (RevEx’s nutrition coaches) milling around cracking jokes before their team photo shoot. In a corner nearby a stunning, petite client doing her “After” shoot chimes into our discussion.

“12 Weeks ago I was in a size 12/14 and 30 lbs heavier. Marriage was on the rocks and I’d had liposuction and a tummy tuck. Now I walk in here in my 4 petite and everyone is staring at me, thinking “some women must just have it easy”. Ha! It’s testimony to Mariah’s vision: to Reveal people and Transform their lives. Love her, hate her, say what you will about her — but you can’t deny that she has something that no one else in this town has and has shared it with allot of people, trainers and clients alike. “She’s an entrepreneur's entrepreneur.”

And with RevEx Version 2.0 killing it, MacDonald seems poised to take over the world.


Blue Sky Strongbox
(512) 569-7636 // www.blueskystrongbox.com

Born in Louisiana, raised in Northeast Texas, Carlton claimed Austin as his home in 1996. In 2008 he became the owner and operator of the Blue Sky Strongbox, a private workout facility located in South Austin. Carlton is a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer with ACE, NASM and NCSF, as well as a Nutrition Specialist with AASDN. Before training privately, he was a Master Trainer for 24HourFitness. He has years of experience working with a diverse variety of clients, ranging from children to the elderly, athletes to special needs and everything in between. Carlton has earned a reputation as being extremely versatile as well as incredibly personable and caring. Overall, Carlton is most interested in helping others reach their goals of becoming healthier, and most importantly, happier. Carlton offers a variety of affordable services ranging from private training to small-group sessions, bootcamps, nutrition counseling, program design, seminars, corporate training as well as online training. On his website, he regularly posts fitness videos on a variety of topics aimed at inspiring and educating the public about fitness & health. Along those same lines, Carlton hopes to complete his first fitness book in 2012. Besides staying busy training and educating, he also enjoys a busy life outside the health & fitness world. Last year he put out his first solo album as a musician, "Electro Ambient Soul". In years past, he has also volunteered with programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters; spent a great deal of time outdoors, hiking many of America's National Parks; as well as summiting Africa's highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro. His training style reflects the many diverse experiences that have enriched his life through the years. His ever-evolving perspective continues to prove most valuable when working eagerly to inspire others to better their lives and look forward to living another day.


Vitality Personal Training
(512) 589-6654 // www.vitalitycpt.com

Fitness has always been a motivating part of my life. Whether it is a structured or recreational activity, the thrill of accomplishment is always very rewarding. I believe you are never too old to set new goals or live new dreams. My passion is to help my clients find ways to make fitness and good health an exciting part of their lifestyle as it is a part of mine.

My name is Cindy Salazar, owner of Vitality Personal Fitness. I am an in- home/on site personal trainer. I come to you. I eliminate the top two excuses for not exercising – time and convenience.

Do you want quicker results? You can achieve that with my multi-tasking training approach emphasizing core strength. My clients perform multiple moves that engage various muscles during one exercise to keep the heart rate up. The benefit of this approach burns fat faster increasing your lean muscle mass. With more overall muscle tone, more calories are being burned even at rest. I train the average person wanting to get in shape or an avid athlete wanting to improve the efficiency of his/her sport.

Fear of routine boredom? Not in my trainings. I love being creative with workouts and changing the routine to keep muscles constantly stimulated. Whether I train one on one or a small group, I give quality and safe workouts with more individualized attention. I use a variety of portable equipment and incorporate yoga, pilates, plyometrics, resistance, muscle endurance activities, and short cardio bursts into workout sessions. My clients look forward to their training sessions – they love the vitality.

“I can fit into my skinny jeans again.”
“My husband loves my new body.”
“I just ran a half marathon and I feel great!”

Contact me for a complimentary introductory session!


Invictus Fitness
(512) 809-1684 // www.invictusfit.com

“Invictus” means “unconquered” in Latin and Nicole Renna, owner/founder of Invictus Fitness, designed her approach to body transformation to empower her clients to be just that. Featured in our Best Trainer’s Guide for the second year in a row, her program blends support, accountability, and lifestyle education with dynamic, engaging in-home workouts customized to each client’s unique challenges.

The inspiration for the name of her company comes from the William Ernest Henley poem that serves as a mantra for Nicole in overcoming fitness obstacles in her own life. As a college athlete, she suffered a severe injury that ultimately ended her soccer career and was devastated as a result. She struggled with depression and weight gain for several years before recognizing that overcoming her emotional loss and psychological obstacles would be a key part of getting her body back into shape. She went on to achieve a Bachelors in Psychology as well as her certification as a personal trainer and six years of experience in the area with the purpose of using her skills and knowledge to empower Austinites to find their strength.

And the results her clients achieve are stellar. “On average I see a minimum of 10 percent body fat reduction in 12 weeks”, she says, “but to me, it’s the whole process that’s life-changing”.


Boot Camp U
(512) 574-2812 // www.bootcampUaustin.com

At Boot Camp U, our motto is also a question. Can U? It is an open-ended question that challenges people to think about their fitness potential and what goals they’d like to achieve. All things are possible with a positive attitude and mindset combined with proper coaching. Our goal at Boot Camp U is to change the “I can’t” into an “I can”.

Owner, Robyn Pettinger and head trainer, Kim Kravanya are experts at getting their clients results. As former collegiate athletes with masters’ degrees in Exercise Physiology, they have an extensive knowledge of the human body and what it takes to help people reach their goals.

At Boot Camp U, you get so much more than just a boot camp workout. You will make friends, enjoy exercise and really thrive in the fun and positive atmosphere provided. There is a strong sense of community and you will soon be welcomed to lots of group events, get-togethers and fun outdoor activities provided. The community is full of individuals that view their health as a priority, lead by example and love sharing the gift of health with everyone around them.

If you would like to participate in a fun fitness program, maximize your potential, and becomes part of a community that cares about you, we ask — Can U?

Come try out our Free community workouts every Saturday!


MASH Fitness
(512) 799-6101 // www.mashfitness.com

No matter what road you choose, anywhere from pulling a truck to playing with your kids to a trip to the grocery store, Jon isn't about just training but changing lives. After working at a "big box" gym, Jon decided to get outside the box and move his training to Fitness Training Studios, as well as meeting clients at their homes to allow a little more convenience in their crazy schedules. "I feel truly blessed that I've been given the ability to do what I love for a living. Never once have I not looked forward to going to work!"
Jon has also helped open MASH Bootcamp, a local outdoor group class where calories will be burned! No matter what your fitness level is starting out, the class will push you and take you to a whole new level. For more information on the classes, you can check out

"I have been training with Jon for a year. Prior to that I had lost a lot of weight but was ready for the next level. Since then I have kept the weight off, gained leaned muscle and learned what real nutrition is and I feel amazing! Jon genuinely cares; he keeps me on track, and pushes me beyond my wildest dreams. He has the amazing ability to see past my perceived weaknesses and find that inner strength to do what I thought was the impossible!" – Nancy


Bodyworx Fit
(512) 948-7789 // www.BodyworxFit.com

Melanie Morrissey is Founder and Lead Coach of Bodyworx Fit, located in Georgetown, Texas. Her passion for living a fit and healthy life led her to become a fitness and nutrition coach. What sets Melanie apart is her ability to share real life knowledge and experience in fitness and nutrition, while her lively personality guides clients to set new lifestyles in motion. Melanie has inspired and motivated hundreds of people to make a change and a difference in the way they live.

As a coach, mentor and mother, Melanie continues to develop her own personal fitness on a daily basis, firmly believing that we are always a 'work in progress.' She has completed 9 marathons, multiple triathlons and is an avid Figure & Bodybuilding competitor with many accolades. Most recently she won the Gold medal at the 2011 International Natural Olympia Figure Championships in Reno, Nevada, earning the coveted Pro card.

Despite her busy professional and competition schedule, Melanie finds time to enjoy her family and contribute to the community. She supports Wounded Warriors, The Caring Place, Exceptional Georgetown Alliance and the Williamson County Animal Shelter.

Bodyworx Fit specializes in nutritional coaching, menu planning, fitness bootcamps, triathlete and marathon training, and physique competition coaching. Both local and long-distance coaching services for fitness training, competition preparation and nutrition are available.

Visit www.BodyworxFit.com for more information.



L2 Fitness
logan@L2Fitness.com // www.L2fitness.com

Logan Lepper founded L2 Fitness two years ago with the philosophy of "a balanced body requires balanced workout." Logan brings this philosophy to every training session whether it's his own or yours. Logan believes there is no impossible. If you believe you can do it, then you will. Whatever your fitness goals are, Logan's goal is to show you the tools to achieve them. Logan believe's it is never too late to begin a healthier and fit lifestyle. Don't just make an effort, make it happen.

"Logan is my trainer because he keeps finding ways to make me stronger, push me harder and help me achieve more." – Lauren Alexander, 31

"I would recommend Logan to anyone looking to change the way they feel about themselves. Whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce body fat, or gain strength, Logan will get you there." – Cara Holbrook, 28

"Logan's laid back personality makes me feel like I'm training with a friend. After just a few months training with him I'm already see more muscle tone, increased strength, and the energy to keep up with my three year old" – Sommer Maxwell, 33

"Logan is the greatest thing that happened to me in my life. All I do is tell him what my priorities and fitness goals are and he makes them happen. I have been training with him for over two years and can't imagine my life without him." -Sofia Luque, 31


Body Upgrades
(512) 663-7663 // www.fatlossaustintx.com

When it comes to fitness and fat loss the sky is the limit when you train with Mike Johnson of Body Upgrades. Whether you train privately or in a boot camp you are guaranteed to get quality results quickly.
"My goal is to increase the quality of life for as many people as I can. I strive to help my clients by steadily delivering information that is easy to implement. Stuff like 3 ways to spark your metabolism or maybe something like top 5 foods for a faster metabolism. I am also really big on accountability and motivation. I email my clients twice a week with tips on focusing, cardio workouts, metabolism building info and more."
When you workout with Body Upgrades you get unlimited boot camp sessions Monday-Thursdays, mornings and evenings along with all the motivation and coaching you need.

"It doesn't matter if your goal is fat loss, body transformation or just to get healthy. My clients will never reach a plateau. I make sure we never do the same workout twice. No one ever knows what to expect."

Mike is also big on giving back to the community, whether it is a food drive to help out around the holidays or teaching teens how to stay healthy and fit at Northwest Fellowship.

"Knowing the impact that health and fitness can make in someone's life I feel like I would be doing a disservice by not reaching out to help others live better."

Part of giving back, for a free copy of the 14 day fat flush cleanse (meal plan) go to www.losefatforsure.com and enter your name and email.



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