What's In Your Bag?

By AFM Staff – February 1, 2015
photography by Brian Fitzsimmons
Your gym bag. For some it’s a top of the line, multi-functional fashion statement. For others it’s a simple backpack. No matter how fancy their features are, what really matters is what lies within. This month we asked Krista Bergeron to show off what her bag holds for her. 

What items do you always carry in your gym bag? I’m a powerlifter, so I always have a lifting belt, lifting shoes, knee sleeves, wrist straps, deadlifting socks, nose tork, training log, and headphones! I also pack extra snacks, BCAA’s, and aminos to refuel mid-training when necessary.   

Your go-to pre-workout and post-workout snack/drink? Lifting heavy weights is metabolically demanding so all my workouts are hugged by carbs and protein for fuel, growth, and recovery. My favorite pre-workout food is oatmeal, fruit, and a protein shake. Post-workout, I usually have a protein shake and a meal consisting of chicken, rice and veggies. I love PB&J’s for competition fuel. I consider it one of the most perfect combos in this world. 

What is the newest piece of gear/apparel you purchased? I was given some new Anderson powerlifting wrist straps. Having new gear is always nice because its integrity is strong and supportive when they are brand new, which is helpful in holding tension when lifting heavy.  

If your bag somehow caught fire and you could only save one item, what would it be? Definitely my powerlifting belt. Not only does it help protect my back and allow me to safely train, but I feel like using a belt helps people learn how to use their breath properly. A belt will never replace a super strong core (which is the first thing to focus on), but once you are pushing max efforts, it’s my most important tool.   

On a good day, your optimal workout routine looks like… On a great max effort day, I will successfully break a personal record on one, two, or three reps max for squat, bench or deadlift, followed by a secondary lift for higher reps.   

Favorite quote/mantra you live by? “Motivation will almost always beat mere talent.” —Norman R. Augustine 

What’s your favorite color? Red

How old are you? And how old do you feel? I am 38. Some mornings when I wake up I feel every single year. When I’m under the barbell though, I feel as young and powerful as anyone in the gym. 

Who do you admire or look up to as a role model? I am most inspired by my teammates and coaches. I’ve seen what my team puts in everyday, in addition to being exceptional people and friends. Their victories are mine too. 

The best workout playlist would feature the following songs… I have a broad musical taste, but when I train my go to is rap. Some competition favorites of mine are: 

  • “Don’t Say Nuthin” – The Roots 
  • “Throwback” – B.O.B.
  •  “Auditorium” – Mos Def 
  • “Universal Mind Control” – Common 
  • “Monster” – Kanye West 

If you could change anything about your workout bag, what would it be? The smell. It’s terrible.



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