New to Austin

By AFM Staff – August 1, 2014

Division 1 Bicycles
1620 E. 7th

This new bike shop is located just east of downtown. Division 1 (D1) offers full service bike repair, an array of specialty bikes and accessories, and even David Flores prints for the cyclist who wants some artwork.
Since opening, owners John Dalton Jr. and John Dalton III have worked to put together a shop that is thoughtfully stocked and staffed. Their vision is to create a new shopping experience, and realizing this started with looking for brand partners for the cycle shop, not just brands to stock. Austin industry veteran Ted Arnold, formerly at Mellow Johnny’s, is D1’s manager and buyer. “I think it’s easy to create too much stress and complication by not carefully picking your brands as partners,” said Arnold. “The core questions we always ask are would we use this product ourselves, and will its manufacturer stand behind the product?”
D1 has a full service department—everything from basic repair to, for example, finding custom spokes and decals—led by Hunter Braasch. “Whether its your ‘work horse’ used as transportation or a ‘show pony,’ I want to offer fast, fair service; in many cases, you can have your bike done while you wait. But we always strive to have your bike back in 24-48 hours,” said Braasch. The shop also includes a café with complimentary drinks for customers and two screens to catch sports while shopping or waiting for repairs.  What D1 doesn’t have is what the owners refer to as “big box brand bikes.” Dalton III explained: “We decided, for this location, we’d work very hard to have companies that let us buy only what we can sell. It’s hard to do that with big brands.” Even without including big brand names, D1 carries all price points—everything from Public Brand City Bikes to Shinola (made entirely in the U.S.) to that custom dream build.

Blackbird Bakery

Karen Morgan, an Austin-based cookbook author and gluten-free chef, has recently launched a line of gourmet, gluten-free flour blends under the name Blackbird Bakery. For the last seven years, Morgan has been working to perfect a mixture that gives those with celiac disease (and individuals who simply opt to cut gluten from their diets) a tasty baking option, a product she describes as “professional grade flour blends for the everyday chef.” Six different blends—all certified as non GMO and containing no xanthan gum, soy, nuts, or dairy—are available for purchase on the Blackbird Bakery website. In addition, The Everyday Art of Gluten Free, Morgan’s second cookbook, is available this September. Treats made by Blackbird Bakery can be found at the Sustainable Food Center’s Farmers Market and at restaurants such as Frank, Jo’s Coffee, Juan Pelota Café, Friends & Neighbors, and Lola Savannah Coffee Lounge, but you’ll have to go online to purchase these flour blends and both of Morgan’s cookbooks. 


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