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By Apeiron Center (Sponsored) – November 30, 2018
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What would unlocking your limitless potential look like? Have you sensed that it’s possible, yet are unsure how to access this enhanced state of being?

Apeiron Center for Human Potential is the global leader in optimizing health, wellbeing and performance through precision genomics and epigenetic science. Today we stand at the edge of an exponential change and rapidly expanding human evolution. Harnessing your pure potential is both accessible and relatively easy to achieve.

Scientific discoveries, technological advances and the mapping of the human genome have offered us a unique opportunity to create a new state of human flourishing. At the same time, the ever-increasing pressures of modern living create some unique demands. Balancing the two spaces requires very precise and personalized strategies.

Welcome to the new paradigm of Precision Performance Medicine, where genomics and epigenetic science come together. 



Apeiron takes a unique complex systems approach, where all aspects of the human system are assessed. Beginning with your genetic code, Aperion begins to map your human performance blueprint by leveraging the most advanced diagnostics, labs and clinical assessments such as body composition, bone density testing, brain and psychophysiologic peak performance stress mapping, the latest in neurocognitive function testing, QEEG, human movement neuromuscular mapping and hormones to identify your uniqueness. This extensive executive evaluation results in a customized plan. Leading edge strategies and lifestyle interventions are recommended to optimize and enhance gene expression and promote a flourishing environment to take the reins of gene expression.

This isn’t a dream or a science fiction movie, it’s modern science and the future of healthcare that is available to you at Apeiron. Now is your time to consider what is possible for you when you dial in and optimize your health. Is it a day where everything goes your way? Are you totally in flow, connected, creative, productive and rocking it like the high performer that you know you can be? Your pure limitless potential awaits and now you can access it fully through precision performance medicine. ​

Apeiron Center for Human Potential Austin is led by Dr. Bob Harding as Medical Director. The Apeiron team consists of physicians, physician assistants and epigenetic performance coaches who have advanced training in Precision Performance Medicine to give you the most individualized, precisely designed strategies to raise your game and help you experience life optimized.



We invite you to join the new movement of precision performance. 
To learn more visit Apeironcenter.com or call 512-522-0966.


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