How to Crush Your Morning Workout

By Angela Vega – December 1, 2017
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With the days getting shorter and colder, it can become more difficult to get out of bed for your morning movement. Try out some of these tips to ensure you get in that sunrise sweat session! 

You already know the benefits of doing an early morning workout from riding your hormonal wave of higher testosterone levels to the benefits of EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). You are committed to working out in the morning. The challenge is not in the decision but the execution. Getting up early will do you no good if you plan to binge watch Netflix while casually swaying on the elliptical. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get up day after day and have meaningful, sweat-filled workouts.

Plan for Success: This is not the first time you have heard this nor will it be the last. Setting yourself up the night before is critical to a good workout. It gives you peace of mind to go to sleep and motivation to execute it in the morning. Investing 10 minutes a night to pick out what you will wear, pack your gym bag, and prepare your post-workout meal is worth every second. 

Try Magnesium: With over 300 biological functions, from helping with sleep to regulating hormonal activity, magnesium is a vital micronutrient for a healthy body. On a chemical level, magnesium helps you relax by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. This can help wind down your day and prepare your body for a workout since magnesium intake helps reduce serum CRP, a blood test marker for inflammation.

Brush Your Teeth: Shoving minty-flavored paste into your mouth is as good as a cold shower. Not only is brushing your teeth first thing in the morning better for your health, but it can awaken a few of your senses like taste and smell. 

Move to Music: Dozens of studies support the ergogenic effects of music on exercise. Adding a new song to your playlist once a week can bring excitement to an early morning sweat session. Be sure to remix your playlist with the help of some of the top cycling instructors in Austin. 

Stationary Sweat: You were (hopefully) at rest for the last 8 hours and therefore unprepared to do a 1-rep max of squats or mile repeats the moment you wake up. Your body and mind need to warm up. In my experience, the best warm-up is a 1,000 meter row at a moderate pace. The row machine can get your heart rate up quickly and engages every muscle without the risk of strain, since there is no impact.

Get an App: The best workouts happen when you follow a plan. Some like taking classes, others go to bootcamp, and for newbies I recommend getting an app that has a structured plan like Charlie Mike, NTC or Workout Trainer. 

As good as it can be to start the day early, it all comes down to the execution and quality of the workout. Remember to start slow with a morning workout routine so you don’t burn out.


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