FML Workout: HIIT Boxing

By Morgan Miller, TMTA Muay Thai LV3, 2DBlackBelt – December 1, 2017
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

Execute the exercise: 
45 seconds work; 15 seconds rest X3 (or) 20 seconds work; 10 seconds rest X6. For an extended version, do 5-minute rounds. 

Round One: Burpee to Jab-Cross

Perform 3 sets for 30 seconds on each side 

Set-Up: Begin standing with your feet hip-distance apart, squat down, and plant your hands on the ground just in front of your feet. Jump back with your feet into a plank position with your arms straight underneath your shoulders. Jump your legs right behind your hands and stand up with your hands into your fighting position.*
Action: Extend left hand from the face to straight out in front of the face, using the body as leverage for power and turning the punch over at the end (thumb slightly down). As the left arm comes back, repeat the same motion with the right hand. Continue straight into the burpee. 
*Advanced option to add a push-up at the bottom of the burpee.

Round 2: Goblet Squat to Hook

Perform 10 Reps slow and controlled

Set-Up: Start with feet shoulder-width apart and turned slightly out. Have a light dumbbell in each hand (women about 2-5 pounds, men about 5-8 pounds). Keeping your weight heavy in the heels, squat as deep as possible while keeping the back straight, chest up, and abdominals engaged. Stand up. 
Action: Hook to the left: keeping the spine aligned, rotate the entire body towards the left, pivoting the right foot, right hip, and right shoulder toward the left side of the body. Extend the right hand in the same path of rotation, keeping the arm bent at about 90 degrees, and keeping the shoulder, elbow, and wrist on the same plane. Come back to the starting position, and repeat on the other side. Alternate. 

Round 3: Sumo Squat Hold + Jab-Cross 

Perform 12 reps (each side counts as 1) for 3 sets, with a 1 minute break in between.

Set-Up: Start with feet wider than shoulder-width distance, and point toes out to about 45 degrees. Squat down ensuring that toes and knees are pointing in the same direction, knees are above ankles, shoulders are on top of hips, and abdominals are engaged. Hold the position down. 
Action: With either light dumbbells or a band, hold the hands in the guard position in front of your face. Extend each arm straight out, one at a time with a continuous motion, keeping arms shoulder-level the entire time. 

Round 4: Lunge to Uppercut

Set-Up: Start with left leg in front. Right leg steps back into a lunge. Shoulders and hips face forward, and both feet face forward. Bend the knees, keeping the shoulders on top of hips as the back knee moves toward the floor. Ensure that the lunge is wide enough that the front knee is on top of the front ankle in the bottom position. 
Action: At the beginning of the lunge, hands are in front of face in a guard position with either dumbbells in each hand or a band extending from the front foot to the hand on the same side. Hold the position as the lunge lowers. As the lunge lifts, extend the front arm with palm up in front of the body at a 45-degree angle.  

*Advanced option to lift the back leg onto a raised platform to perform single leg lunges. 

Continue the entire interval on one side (for 20 second intervals) or switch halfway through (for 45 second interval) 

Round 5: Wall Sit + Quick Hands

Set-Up: Lean against a wall, with back straight and legs bent at 90 degrees, ensuring that knees are above the ankles. shoulders are on top of hips, and abdominals are engaged. Hold the position. Hands start at the face in guarded position, with light dumbbells or a band in hands. 
Action: Alternating, extend arms straight in front of shoulders as fast as possible for 10 reps. Then extend alternating arms straight up for 10 reps. Repeat for time. 

Round 6: Single Arm Thruster to Punch

Set-Up: Start with feet shoulder-width apart, hands at shoulder level with a heavy dumbbell in the right hand and a light dumbbell in the left. 
Action: Squat down with weight of the body heavy in the heels, abdominals tight, and chest up. As you lift, quickly extend the right arm overhead and then back down to starting position. Extend the left hand straight out in front, keeping the hand at shoulder level. 

Continue the entire interval on one side (for 20 second intervals) or switch halfway through (for 45 second intervals).

Round 7: High Knees + Roll

Set-Up: Start with feet hip-width distance apart, light dumbbells in each hand. Alternating, raise knees up to hip level or higher as fast as you can, adding movement in the arms for increased cardio. Perform 10 reps. 
Action: Get into fighting position. Start with a rope (real or imaginary) on one shoulder. Bending at the knees and keeping the chest up and back straight, duck the head under the rope so that it moves from shoulder to the other. Allow the body to shift from 45 degrees to 45 degrees. Perform 10 reps.

Round 8: Sit-Up to Jab-Cross

Set-Up: Start lying face-up with feet underneath the back. Roll up one vertebrae at a time, until at the top of the sit-up. When there, extend the left arm to the back, straight out from the shoulder, then immediately follow with the right. Roll down one vertebrae at a time. Exhale as you lift. *Option to hold halfway back and extend arms out quickly.

Fighting Position: Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Step your dominant foot back. Front foot faces forward and back foot faces perpendicular, creating an L-shape with the feet. This position should feel grounded and balanced. Bend the knees slightly. Front shoulder faces forward, hands are up in front of the face, and elbows are in by the waistline.


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