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By Sam – December 1, 2017


Sam, holidays suck! Not into them. I get depressed and stressed. Just get me through this bullshit.

Dear Grinch,

You are not alone. I get it. Let’s deal with how we feel and reframe the holidays with stress-less strategies. Time for new traditions!

Prioritize the positives. Find opportunities for healthy holiday activities like taking winter walks with the fam and cooking wholesome meals for loved ones. 

Turn off your phone for the day–and gift yourself the present of presence. 

Spark up the spirit. Donate time to local charities, the animal shelter, or your church. These are some real feel goods.

Do less, enjoy more. Simplify. Say no to the BS holiday commitments. Start by giving yourself 15 minutes of no technology or distractions. Clear your mind, open your chakras, find your chi.

Get high! High on endorphins. Overindulging leads to stress and guilt. Go for wellness, push the plate aside, and enjoy a fun workout. And yeah, turn up those tunes and dance!

You are dressing up the holidays differently this year, my friend. Retire the Grinch and get ready for some grins!

Sam, I want to get sexy and lean ASAP. Should I do cardio over strength?

Dear Ready,

Do BOTH! Bring it on like a boss. Do cardio and strength training with short recovery and proper technique, compound exercises, barbell complexes, hill sprints, and H.I.I.T. 

Eat right; this will be 80 percent of your results. Abs are made in the kitchen. Knowing what, when, and how much to eat will get your body shredded and keep you feeling happy and full of energy!

Every “body” is different. Your lean body success isn’t a scientific formula. Let a personal trainer figure it out for you so you can move into Leanville sooner than later.

Sam, age-old question. Does penis size count?

Dear Inch by Inch,

No, but what you do with your member does matter. Studies found that 84 percent of women of all ages are just fine with their partner’s penis size. Eighty-nine percent of women ages 18 to 34 say size doesn’t matter as much as what you do with it. Pleasure, not penis size, is the right answer. We should be talking orgasm. Can you make your woman reach multiple orgasms? Sex encompasses more than just intercourse.

Yes, some women prefer girth or length. Different intercourse positions affect the delivery, regardless of size, resulting in greater pleasure for your partner.

Dudes, stress less. Penis anxiety leads to ED. There are many ways to make your woman reach climax. It’s not only about the size of a man’s penis, crooked or not. Explore and experiment. Penetration is not a woman’s greatest desire. Incredible intimacy, passion, and variety are the right answers. Mind your grind.

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