Lump of Charcoal

By AFM Team – December 1, 2016
Photography by Weston Carls

Finding coal in your stocking used to be every kid’s worst nightmare. Finding charcoal, however, may be at the top of the holiday wish list. 

HACIENDA’s Spicewood Charcoal Cleanser $16 |

With a fragrance reminiscent of wood, pepper and smoked leather, this cleanser leaves you smelling fresh and your skin feeling even fresher. The secret ingredient? Activated bamboo charcoal, known for its ability to extract skin impurities. 

Latika's Activated Charcoal Soaps for Men $15 |

Made from 100 percent pure essential oils and organic activated charcoal, show your skin some holiday love with this handmade soap that pulls dirt, sunscreen, and other oils from your pores. 

Latika’s Charcoal Lump of Coal Package $8.50 |

These cheeky little “lumps of coal” moisturizing soaps are made with organic activated charcoal and boast a delightfully rich, smoked wood aroma. Perfect as a stocking stuffer or holiday gift!

The Guv’ner Lush Powdered Charcoal Deodorant $10.50 |

Isn’t it the pits when your BO is too much to bear? This powdered deodorant is super absorbent and keeps smelly odors at bay. Don’t be intimidated by the color; the gray powder blends evenly into your skin. (And if you see a shadow, you’ve used too much!)

My Magic Mud Tooth Powder People’s Pharmacy $25 |

Rid your teeth of toxins and stains and restore those pearly whites with this detoxifying powder. Easy to use and effective, trade in those chemically-laden whitening strips for a more natural whitening experience.

Cleanse yourself from the inside out with these charcoal-based drinks.

Juice Society's Charcoal Lemonaid | Juice Society

Revolucion’s Charcoal Lemonade Juice Shots | Revolucion Coffee + Juice 

What’s the goal with coal? Activated charcoal is made by carbonizing bamboo shoots during a special type of oxygen-less heating process. One of the most important characteristics of activated charcoal is its ability to absorb both organic and inorganic materials. It can attach to and retain harmful chemicals and impurities, making it ideal for deep cleansing. 


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