Discover Govalle Park and the South Walnut Creek Trail

By Devyn Bernal – December 1, 2015
photography by Jamie Tisdale and Natalie Yerkovich

Govalle Park, located east of I-35 by Boggy Creek Greenbelt, encompasses 26 green acres of trees and an entrance to the South Walnut Creek Trail. The park itself boasts barbeque pits, picnic tables, fields, courts, a playground and swimming pool. The trail travels as far as 7.3 miles, surrounded by trees, hills, and parts of the Boggy Creek. It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of trees and foliage intertwined throughout Austin’s first Urban Trail. 

Although the park isn’t as well known as others throughout the city, it holds special events such as The Trees of Govalle, sponsored by TreeFolks. This is a free performance held each spring that features the City of Austin’s Urban Forestry employees and the gorgeous pecan trees found in Govalle Park. This event showcases the care and dedication that goes into maintaining some of the city’s oldest and tallest organisms. Rooted in one of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods, the event will also highlight the Govalle-Johnston Terrace neighborhood’s rich history and some of Austin’s longest-standing families. 

The Southern Walnut Creek Trail is a part of the Walnut Creek regional trail system that the Austin Parks and Recreation Department began working on almost two decades ago. The trail brings together multiple neighborhoods including Govalle Park. The route consists of 10-foot-wide concrete paths designed to accommodate runners, cyclists and dog-walkers. It holds no lack of nature, and several beautiful sites can be seen at each of the five bridges, culverts, signs and benches it runs by.

The future of Govalle Park and South Walnut Creek Trail will include a major east connection to the other planned regional trail systems including the Colorado River and Onion Creek Trails. Be sure to visit when the sun is high to take in all the incredible views and appreciate the beauty of the trees that adorn the park.



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