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By AFM Staff – August 1, 2017

For Outdoors

Vuori Trail Short

$68 •
Doing anything active, or even relatively inactive, outdoors in Central Texas in August is pretty much guaranteed to leave you a sweaty mess. As Vuori’s website boasts, however, these trail shorts feel “not quite naked, but very lightweight.” They feature an anti-odor liner, a back zipper and lightweight support for sweet relief from summer heat. 

Thinksport Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

$13 •
There’s a lot to like about this sport sunscreen. It’s water resistant, provides UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage and it’s not mineral based so it absorbs easily. Slather on this grease-free SPF 50 formula and enjoy the Texas sun without getting a Texas-sized sunburn.

Nathan VaporHowe 4L Race Vest

$150 •
Taking extra water and supplies necessary but not always appealing on a long distance run or race. This vest, designed with women in mind, is snug but breathable and still has plenty of pockets. The two 12 oz. soft water flasks keep water handy and portable.

Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX 

$145 •

Kammok Wallaby Hammock

$65 •
This hammock allows you to pack, travel, and hang virtually anywhere. Kammok's lightest hammock, weighing in at 10 ounces, is sleek, silky, and packable, ready for any adventure, big or small.

For CrossFit

JerkFit WODies 2in1 

$40 •
The WODies grips are a heavy duty product that can help your hands withstand all the beatings CrossFit takes on them. With a cushy and relatively thick wrist wrap, your wrists will thank you during sets of cleans, overhead squats, and thrusters. They also transition well to the rig, and thanks to the durable synthetic material, WODies will absorb chalk and sweat. Bonus: WODies sells an array of different colored grips.


$8–24 •
This is the most minimal grip option, aside from tediously making your own tape grips. It’s a one-time use product, which is ideal for people who prefer to go bare handed, but may have an unusually high number of pull-ups or toes-to-bar coming up (think: a competition or Murph). When the Wod&Dones are put on, they feel like an incredibly comfortable glove. The instructions say to apply to a dry hand to have the most success, and advise using chalk. For people who get sweaty palms while they work out, this might not be the best choice. The tape fabric is stretchy, so if it unsticks from your hand, it’ll bunch up and sometimes even tear through the middle.

Victory Grips in Leather 

$40 •
CrossFit has become the sport of choice for many retired gymnasts, and the majority have experience with wearing grips. However, in gymnastics, the movements are more fluid, whereas CrossFit focuses on repetition. Victory Grips kept this detail in mind when they designed their product, blending some of the familiarity of gymnastics grips with the functional demands of CrossFit grips. This product breaks in quickly, and covers most of the palm. Wearing the leather not only reduced friction, but also provides added comfort. The wrist wrap feels a little stiff at the beginning, but will break in over time.

Victory Grips in Synthetic Leather

$45 •
Of all the grips I’ve tried, Victory Grips’ ‘Stealth’ product has been my favorite. Named after notably light feel, this synthetic microfiber grip is actually three times stronger than leather but only a third of the weight. Tested on 50 different athletes—from Games competitors, to regular crossfitters, to gymnasts—and 65 percent preferred the synthetic leather. After only two sets, you’ll feel as if you’ve been wearing these grips for months, as they have struck the perfect balance between thin and protective. Sweat is not a problem for these microporous grips, but they are machine and hand-washable (in case they need freshening.)

For Cyclists


$4,699 •
Yeti Cycles knows how to make a superb bike, and this iteration is sleek and ready to slay any trail. Whether you want a bike that can pick up speed or handle challenging climbs, this carbon fiber bike fits the bill.


$100 •
Finally, a pair of cycling shoes that you can wear to your post-ride activities. The discrete design blend well with your athletic wear as well as your everyday wear.

SPECIALIZED Diverge A1 Road Bike

$1,000 •
This road bike is strong and capable—it’ll suit your commute as well as any off-road detours through gravel and trail.

SPECIALIZED Zante Road Shoes

$100 •

SPECIALIZED S-Works 6 Road Shoes

$400 •


$400 •
The outsole was designed in collaboration with Michelin to make a shoe with optimized traction.

GIRO Rumble VR Mountain Bike Shoes

$80 •
The Vibram outsole takes the grip and comfort of this shoe to the next level.

For Runners

SAXX Kinetic 2N1 Run Shorts

$75 •
Prevent chafing in these run shorts with built-in SAXX kinetic boxer brief underwear. This lightweight, quick-drying short gives you the confidence and mobility needed when exercising. With its side pockets you can free your hands, and head to your favorite post-workout restaurant without carrying your belongings.

New Balance RunIQ – Sport Watch

$300 •
In collaboration with New Balance, this water resistant watch is the Android answer to the Apple Watch. It allows Android users to sync Google Play playlists, map runs, keep track of pace and heart read and respond to phone notifications all without carrying along a phone. With WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, runners can also easily upload workouts to online running community, Strava. 

Paby 3G GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor (America Edition)

$80 •
Attach this wireless GPS tracker to your pet’s collar and not only will you be able to track your pet’s location on your phone, but you’ll also be able to set alerts for when they exit your customized “safe zone.” If you have an active pet or a pet that might need to shed a pound or two, you can also track its steps, activity levels, and even sleep patterns.

Jabra Elite Sport – Wireless Headphones

$250 •
These wireless headphones combat all the tricky issues associated with working out while jamming out. They have a customizable fit so you don’t have to worry about them falling or not staying in place. You can answer and clearly hear phone calls, and you have the option of using just one if necessary. The ‘hear through’ feature also allows you to filter in noises around you when you need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack

$32 •
When you pack for a trip and hit the road, the last thing you want to do is load up on unnecessary luggage. The Eagle Creek Packable daypack folds up and transforms from a light, mesh-strapped daypack into a small, stowable zipped pouch. Perfect for all kinds of active adventures, the Eagle Creek Daypack’s best asset is its versatility.

SwiftWick ASPIRE ZERO – No Show Socks

$13 •
For the little amount of fabric used in these no-show socks, it accomplishes a lot. Wicking technology keeps feet dry and compression contours keep feet supported. With no bunching, it’s a perfect sock for participating in endurance sports or even just a long day spent in sneakers.

Altra Torin IQ Smart Shoe

$220 •
Whether you’re new to running or not, the more often you do it, the more careful you have to be about your form. In addition to pace, distance, and time, the Torin IQ Smart Shoe also tracks cadence, impact rate, foot strike, and contact time. The result is a personalized profile of your stride to help improve technique and reduce risk of a repetitive stress injury. 



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