Austin Women Compete in CrossFit Games

By Karen – August 29, 2011

Many of you may have heard the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games were in Carson, California this past weekend (July 29-31). Three CrossFit Central women placed individually in June’s South Central CrossFit Games Regionals, which qualified them for the final event. Some CrossFit Central folks even flew to the Games to support these ladies.

This competition is fierce with almost 100 worldwide participants, and these Austinites stepped up their game.

Carey Kepler, 36, won first place at regionals and 28th at Games. Kepler is co-founder of CrossFit Central, placed 16th in last year’s CrossFit Games and won Third Fittest Woman at 2009’s Games. Lindsey Smith, 28, placed second at regionals and 16th at Games. She is a Rogue and Reebok sponsored-athlete who trains at CrossFit Central and placed 12th at last year’s Games. Lisa Bender-Thiel, 33, placed third at regionals and 32nd at Games. Thiel is manager of CrossFit Central, competed last year’s competed in the team competition at last year’s Games and the team placed 6th.

This is a tremendous victory for CrossFit Central. We’d like to give a shout out to these moms, coaches and hardcore athletes for their butt-busting dedication to the CrossFit community and keeping Austin a constant beacon of fitness.

CrossFit GamesPhoto courtesy of the CrossFit Central website.

EDIT: We were notified via Twitter that Darlene Price took second place in the 55-59 year division. Thanks for helping keep Austin Fit in the know, Wes Kimball!


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