CrossFit Is Simpler Than Your Current Training Program

By Ashley Stewart – April 1, 2018

The benefits of CrossFit are many, but its simplicity is arguably its best feature. There is no simpler methodology now, and there may never be any of comparison in the future. 

Equipment, air conditioning, and even clothing are all optional luxuries. If desired, CrossFit can be done effectively barefoot and stark-naked in your garage (if you don’t mind the neighbors staring). Pure, raw work ethic will take an athlete farther than any gadgets or fancy equipment ever will.

Hard Work Beats Shiny Toys.

Without hard work, nothing else matters.You can have the fanciest watch and the best equipment, but nothing beats a good work ethic. CrossFit is designed to be as simple as possible, supporting minimal use of equipment and gadgets, in order to strip away all distractions. This gives athletes the opportunity to focus on giving their all.

The structure of CrossFit is designed to be simple and versatile. Anyone can do it anytime, anywhere. This approach results in less equipment being needed, less confusion about what must be done, and more focus on giving 100 percent in the workout. Furthermore, while many of us have become accustomed to checking a watch during exercise to know when to slow down or speed up, a CrossFit athlete relies on their body for this information. Heart rate monitors and watches tend to get in the way of movements. Thus, without a monitor of any sort, an athlete is forced to look within themselves and decide if they need to rest or can keep going. They get to know their bodies much better than someone who has to stop and check their watch every few minutes. 

The Golden Rule: Use Common Sense.

CrossFit doesn’t have many rules. Working hard is one rule, and using common sense is the other. If something doesn’t make sense, it's not done. This philosophy is incorporated into both workouts and diets. 

The Paleo diet, commonly described as caveman in nature, is very popular in the CrossFit community. This diet supports eating real food, enough of it, and limiting the amount of sugar and processed foods consumed. Meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables are allowed, and anything that comes with a nutrition label is off-limits. The rules of this plan are simple and unambiguous. Counting calories and macros may work for some people, but it is not the focus of the Paleo diet, nor is it as important as listening to your body and giving it what it’s asking for. If your body is hungry, feed it. If it’s not, don’t. The rules are as simple as that.

One Goal, One Path

CrossFit is the epitome of simplicity. The structure and rules of this industry are very straightforward, and converge to form one main goal—to enhance an athlete’s overall fitness. This is accomplished through simple, hard work. The use of gadgets and equipment is not a focal point for this sport, and the individuals who choose to utilize these elements are no better off than those who don’t. Hard work is the most prized possession in the CrossFit community, and nothing can make up for half-assed effort.


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