Climbing Gym Clothes


James Staats

“I have been climbing for one year. Now it’s mostly indoors here at Austin Bouldering Project since my climbing partner is injured every other day, making it difficult to climb outdoors,” James explains. He does not have special gym clothes but just heads to the gym in his normal wear. 


Tori Edwards

A staff member at Crux Climbing Center, Tori has been climbing for about three years. “I’ve been training a lot more recently so I️ like to wear clothes that don’t disrupt the flow of my climbing or training”, Tori says. “Especially when I’m climbing outside, I️ don’t like fabric to get in the way of certain moves or that can rip on the rock. I️t’s really all about comfort for me!”


Tim Newton

Tim has been climbing for 17 years. When he started, he simply wore his baggy jeans for range of motion, but started buying more “pro gear” as he spent more time on the wall. He also often wears sleeveless shirts so that he can use his skin for friction on the rock. He finds that range of motion is the most important when it comes to climbing wear so that “nothing constrains shoulder and arm movement.” 



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