Prep for Ski Fun

performed by Katy and Jarrod Freshour, Move Austin Fitness

photography by Brian Fitzsimmons

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If you are like me, a great vacation involves something active and energizing—like skiing. That’s why being able to go to your vacation with good mobility and conditioning will amplify your enjoyment level and help you be resilient to those inevitable falls. These movements are meant to supplement your training and prepare you for the demands of skiing.

Lateral Step Downs

Purpose: Use a low box or step to slightly exaggerate the deceleration need in the lateral lunge.
Start standing tall on a low box or step with one dumbbell in your right hand.

  • Using a lateral lunge motion leading with your left leg, step down and simultaneously reach the dumbbell toward your left foot. 
  • Make sure to sit back into your hips and decelerate into the lunge position with control and while keeping your chest facing forward, not down. 
  • Return to start by pushing through the floor with your left foot and extend at the ankle, knee and hip to return to the top of the step. 
  • Repeat in opposite direction with opposite hand. 
  • 10-12 repetitions on each side.
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