Simply Fit Games

By AFM Staff – August 19, 2022

Austin Simply Fit has created a new community fitness event that tests its competitors through a variety of exercise modalities. Whether you are an endurance athlete, a weekend warrior or new to training, this event will allow you to test yourself in our state-of-the-art facility. Our expert coaches will be there to record your results, ensure your safety & encourage you to do your very best!


The Simply Fit Games will consist of the following 10 challenges:


Push ups

Pull ups

Weighted plank

Sled push & pull

Trap bar squat

Lateral hops

Jump rope

Sandbell over shoulder

Rower sprint

Vertical jump

Every competitor has 1 hour to attempt each of the 10 challenges in any order of their choosing. The top 3 competitors in each challenge will be awarded points. At the end of the event, we will total up the points & award medals to our top 3 men & women. The points for each challenge are as follows:



1st place- 5 points

2nd place- 3 points

3rd place- 1 point

We look forward to a day full of fitness, community & fun!

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