The Emotion of Motion

Why movement is more important than exercising.  For many decades, movement for me was an exercise of pursuit. I spent years chasing PRs (personal records), key…

Moving Toward Better Mobility

Whether you’re an all-star, money-making athlete or a day-to-day desk worker, mobility holds a significant level of importance in every person’s life. The stiffness you feel…

Summer Skincare Tips

Austin is a great place for spending time outdoors in the summertime sunshine. However, while catching some rays, it’s important to know how to take care…

Wellness FAQ: Shin Splints

What do a trail runner, a soccer player and you (probably at least once) have in common? Shin splints. It’s a cringe-worthy truth, but don’t endure…

Wellness FAQ: Rip Esselstyn

Living plant based, Austinite Rip Esselstyn shares the importance of a whole food, plant based diet and how it can boost immunity during COVID-19. How can…

The Freedom of Oral Immunotherapy

Most people may recognize the scene from the famous 1987 movie, The Princess Bride. The courageous and witty Dread Pirate Roberts, also known as Westley, claims…

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