Choosing a Different Path

Me? An alcoholic? I had always thought of myself as a social drinker. As an attorney like my father, I worked hard and enjoyed a good…

AFM sunscreen, sun safety
Sun Safety for Summer 2021

Sun safety.  We all know what it is and why we should be vigilant about it, but do we actually do it? Take, for instance, sunscreen.…

Optimize Your Gut Health Now

Steel Stool wanted to create a solution that elevated the bathroom experience by creating a natural vegan fiber product that is specifically designed to improve the…

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Making the switch to more natural products can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. To make things a little easier,…

Self Treatment Techniques

Jim had been an avid runner for many years when he began noticing a tightening of the muscles at the front of his hip. When that…

Build a Better Sleep Routine

​For optimal function and vitality in our bodies, sleep is often the overlooked and underappreciated component. According to neuroscientist, professor and author of the book, “Why…

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