Choosing a Chiropractor: What You Need to Know

By Special Promotion – September 1, 2017

Chiropractic care is a very individualized experience.If you don’t have any nagging injuries or chronic pain, a visit with a chiropractor can still have a positive outcome on your overall well being. The practice of “adjustments,” mainly to the spinal column, is said to improve neural pathway communication and release musculo-skeletal patterns of holding tension and stress in the body. Many chiropractors also perform and study “extremity” adjusting such as feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, and hands. By doing so, they can increase mobility and functionality of those joints as well as help alleviate some types of nerve pain entrapment.

Anyone can potentially benefit from chiropractic care. Athletes and active people with chronic overuse injuries may find relief in adjustments that can help release scar tissue. For those of us who spend the majority of our time sitting—in an office, a car, or on the couch—tension can build, especially in the lower back. Before visiting a chiropractor, it is important to identify your individual needs. Do you suffer from chronic back pain or a nagging muscular injury? Are you often sidelined by recurring headaches? Did you wake up with a stiff neck that isn’t letting up? All of these somewhat “mystery ailments” could benefit from a holistic health approach.

All chiropractors in the U.S. have to undergo extensive graduate level education which includes a four-year chiropractic doctoral program, four national exams and state-specific exams. For most of the 14 accredited schools of chiropractic in the US, doctors of chiropractic in training are required to complete approximately 4,485 hours of education. Once chiropractors have completed the standard education and training process, they may additionally study different treatment methods and obtain certifications in various specialties. Some chiropractors will perform x-rays before and after treatment, others will incorporate customized treatment tables and instruments, and some will perform “muscle testing” to identify the effects of different adjustments. They also utilize lab work, MRIs, and CAT scans to identify underlying health problems, if needed. Researching different chiropractors will help you identify what treatment style best fits your needs.

Hear from some of our featured chiropractors about why patients are drawn to their clinics.

Dr. Daniel Gonzalez of Family Health Chiropractic:

“The single biggest reason why people are drawn to our practice is because of results. Meaning most of our new patients are referred by existing patients. That said, the most valuable thing to know is yourself. We help athletes identify their blind spots and/or weaknesses; which translates to improvements in performance and recovery.”


Dr. Cynthia Schade of Medical Center for an Active Life:

“Patients frequently come to us because they have chronic pain or restrictions that keep them from being able to move as easily, or work out as frequently or as intensely as they want to.

Our services help them regain freedom of movement and help release scar tissue or adhesions so their muscles and joints are “freed up.” This allows them to pursue their chosen activity with less or no pain and actually can frequently increase the intensity and frequency of their workout­—whether it is running marathons, weight lifting, or intense yoga workouts.

We love keeping people doing what they love to do!”



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