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By Sarah – September 21, 2011

Is it just me, or has technology begun to overrun (no pun intended) our fitness industry? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good long run with my iPod as much as the next person, but it seems certain technologies are becoming as common as the smartphones glued to our hips. However, over the years a few websites and devices have really made their mark in this new found niche of technological training.

1) or

These route-mapping websites have quickly gained popularity in the running and cycling world. Remember when you would have to drive a route just to determine the mileage? Well waste gas no more Austinites – both RunningMap and MapMyRun provide fitness enthusiasts with a map on which they can point-and-click a custom route in the area of their choice. The user interface is easy to use and other users can even upload previous saved routes if you aren’t feeling too creative. Another perk of these sites is that both now offer an app for your phone.


Think of this website as your own personal training diary. LogARun is a great way to keep track of your weekly mileage, but offers so much more. Along with distance, you can also record your time, splits, pace, shoes worn, and even write extra notes about how your workout felt that day. This site is a great way to track your progress and plan out training logs for races. There are even leader boards which feature runners who have logged the most miles over the past weeks or months.

3) Nike+

One of the most recent developments in running technology is Nike+. Nike has teamed up with Apple to create a tracking system that syncs directly to your iPod. A special sensor in the shoe tracks data (such as time, distance, pace, and calories burned) and sends it directly to your iPod. There are custom workouts or you can even create your own. Your iPod gives you an update halfway through and, when you’re finished, your workout is sent wirelessly to

So there you have it Austin, some training tools sure to aid you in your next workout. Have any of you tried these tech-tastic tools or have some to add? Let us know @austinfit or on our facebook page.

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