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By Haley Baros – October 1, 2017

For many years, tanning beds ruled the indoor tanning world. But when the importance of sun safety and its correlation to skin cancer became more widely known, people began to make the switch to spray tanning. Although it is the relatively healthier option, there are still some concerns associated with the ingredients in spray tan formula. Co-owners of Organic Bronze, Gabriela Bogner and Rei Leigh Harmer, tell you how to make the right choice and provide tips to maintain a lasting glow.

A organic airbrush formula differs from traditional products in much of the same way makeup does. As the largest organ on your body, your skin absorbs so much from your environment. That’s why finding a service that doesn’t use a formula containing fragrance, parabens or artificial preservatives is essential. Parabens can disturb your body’s hormonal balance, which can have many negative effects on your body—including an increased risk of hormonal cancers. Meanwhile, certain fragrances can trigger allergies or cause respiratory distress in some users and could do damage to the immune system. 


Exfoliate your skin in the few days leading up to your airbrush tanning session. Shave your legs the morning of (or about 8 hours prior), but don’t get waxed on the same day of your appointment. Open pores and spray tanning don’t make for a desirable result. Hydrate your skin by applying lotion all over. Avoid using non-organic lotions are made with chemicals—this could interfere with the quality of your tan.


Show up to your appointment dressed for success—but not in the traditional sense. Wear clothes that are loose fitting (the looser the better) and if possible, go braless. Don’t put on deodorant or makeup; you want to be as bare as possible.


In a nutshell: How often you sweat, shower, and what type of skin care products you use are what determine the life of your spray tan. We typically recommend sleeping in your spray tan so that the color can develop for as long as possible before your first shower. When you do take your first post-spray tan shower, keep the water lukewarm instead of hot. You should continue to hydrate with the same oil-free lotion you used prior. Heavy sweating and chlorine are two ways to make your spray tan fade fast, so keep the gym and pool time to a minimum.


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