CLAWstin: Women Arm Wrestling for a Cause

By Sarah – October 4, 2011

What do you get when you combine a bunch of arm-wrestling women, costumes, smack talk, and an emcee all into one awesome sports bar? I’m sure you’re not thinking a charity event, but that’s exactly what Jen Murrill and Beth Taylor plan to do on October 13.

CLAW, or the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers, is a fun and unique sport that  provides the theatrical entertainment of pro wrestling and roller derbies while raising money for a good cause. The Austin Chapter of CLAW (CLAWstin) was recently started by Murrill, Taylor and Amelia Byars Penoli in hopes of creating a means of fundraising that is entertaining and fun for all. CLAWtin’s chosen charity is 1House At A Time, a program dedicated to helping those with financial troubles increase the efficiency of their homes in order to save money and reduce their global footprint.

Bar 96 will be hosting the event on October 13 at their location on Rainey St. For more information you can check out a full article detailing the event here.


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